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Our mission is to discover family history that is hidden in the stories, memories, and scrapbooks of millions of people
throughout the world and preserve it for future generations.

Family trees are only the scaffolding of family history, it is the stories and memories that bring it to life. We're creating ways in which you can tell your story to future generations the way you want it told, and preserve it forever. You can also share your memories now with family and friends in a clear and beautiful manner. Add stories in text, audio, or video to a family timeline. They'll appear in the proper sequence no matter when you add more to it. Clicking on any element in the timeline will display that story or video. You can create an entire family saga that links not only to your timeline but to people in your family tree.
Stories, photos, and video can also be included in your own digital time-capsule to be opened by future generations.

Building a family tree can add to the enjoyment of reminiscing as you link your stories, photos, and documents with persons in you tree. Your tree can be imported to your account here from any other site. It not only helps you and your descendants learn more about your family history, but to discover ancestors you may not have known about. If you don't already have a family tree you can download (totally) free software to create one on your computer.

A family tree will help you learn more about yourself and the lives of those whose DNA you share.
If you prefer to work on paper, you can also download free printable genealogy forms here.

A "Digital Time-capsule" is a way to share the stories, images, genealogy, and other information with someone of your choice at specified date in the future. 

You might even consider saving it for someone who is yet to be born!

Content is redundantly stored in the most secure means possible for preservation and to ensure long-term viability. This "eternal" storage is modeled on concepts of the Open Archival Information System (OAIS) and recommended practices of ISO 16363:2012.

Upon request an encypted copy will also be stored in a nuclear bunker blasted into the bedrock below the White Mountains in Stockholm, Sweden. (Yes, for real!)

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Let us turn your family stories and favorite photos (or almost anything else) into stylish digital 3D flipbooks. These rich media publications create unique interactive experiences for your readers. There's no software to download and it's worry free. Simply choose what you want to include and we do the rest. When it's ready we'll send you a link to view the finished product. Share your flipbook with family and friends on social media. Viewable from smartphones, tablets and computers.
Your heritage page is like having your own family website. You simply drag-and-drop the modules where you want them to be on the page. No technical knowledge is required. Once everything looks the way you want it, click "publish". You can keep it private or share it with others.

What you can do here

This isn't just another genealogy site. It's a place to collect and preserve your entire family heritage. Add memories, photos, family stories, and life experiences as they come to mind. Future generations will cherish the family history you record here.

Not just another genealogy site.

Our focus is to create a patchwork of personal history by connecting shared events from the lives of millions of people. In ways never before possible we can now take bits of information that are moments in time. We then relate them not only to standard genealogical data, but to the stories of others who shared those experiences

Free genealogy software

Allows you to work with or without an internet connection. The many details of each ancestor's life are kept organized, searchable and as precise as you need it to be.

Go mobile

Any time or any place the memories come you can add text, audio, or video directly from your phone. Our new app will insert these new items into your ancestry timeline.

Write where it's right

Use your favorite word processor, blog, email, or write directly into our website. You can even send it by email if you like. Most phones also have speech-to-text ability.

More in more out

Keep more notes, more photos, more files...more of everything. Get 1GB of monthly upload capacity and an increased max note size of 100MB.

Peace of mind

Your family data collection is regularly transfered for archive over SSL. It is stored securely with 256-bit encryption on multiple self-healing devices within multiple facilities.

Fast support

Use our support ticket system for a fast response and follow-up on your requests. This will ensure the issue is corrected in a timely manner.

Add your memories from anywhere to your . . . T I M E L I N E !

Your timeline is a great way to view the important event of your family history. It includes the stories you write, as well as any videos and photos you want to display here.

Import photos from your social media accounts

Bring everything together in one place.


Great grandpa Scott


Grandma Cloud


Taking chances


My twin aunts


Our old log house


Call me Bushyhead


Good times


Mama in Tulsa


Paulina Lavina


Adventurous souls


Make photo galleries and sub-galleries

Upload tons of photos and drop them into galleries. Add images direct to your stories and family tree. Use the web clipper to grab images from anywhere on the web.

Gary Sixkiller


Add information directly to your photos with free software. Share whatever content you choose on social media.

Adriana Doen


Add information directly to your photos with free software. Share whatever content you choose on social media.

Dan Cloud


Add information directly to your photos with free software. Share whatever content you choose on social media.

Ben Setser

Flute maker

Add information directly to your photos with free software. Share whatever content you choose on social media.

Lynette Hornback


Add information directly to your photos with free software. Share whatever content you choose on social media.

Gary Roberts

Little mariner

Add information directly to your photos with free software. Share whatever content you choose on social media.

You'll love our phone app
Coming soon !

Our revolutionary phone app is something you won't want to be without. You can set it to notify you when you are near areas of importance to your family heritage. Geocode new locations as you discover them, upload stories and photos, add memories to your family timeline, instantly see the memories others have left about any place or event. Interview relatives and upload the results directly to your timeline. Locate unmarked burial sites. Archive your family history right from your phone!

Proximity notifications
Whether traveling, or walking through a cemetery, our phone app will notify you of nearby points of interest to your heritage. You can also mark the location of events in your own stories, or the whereabouts of an unmarked grave you've located. Look across a battlefield and see all the stories others have contributed about their ancestors who were there. Now add your own!
No matter where you are when a memory comes to mind you can enter in into your family timeline instantly from your phone. If you're visiting grandma and she begins to tell of her childhood, don't lose the opportunity. Turn on the audio or video recorder and preserve it as it happens. Include your own notes, add photos, maps, and even link your family tree. Now share it with family and friends, or the entire world.
As with our website, stories you add by phone in text, audio, or video are matched against all other stories entered by other users. When important elements of the stories such as person, place, time, and event match those of another story you are notified. This amazing feature will help you connect with others whose ancestors may have shared the same life experiences as yours. Most importantly, it doesn't depend on census data or other documentation, but discovers information that may only have survived through the stories of our community members.
You're at a museum and see a photo with the "Indian name" of your ancestor. Take out your phone, shoot a photo of that photo and label it right in the app. Then upload it to your family archive in seconds so you can go on with your day. Maybe your on vacation, reading a roadside memorial and see your ancestor listed. Instantly make the location, take a photo of the memorial, edit the information in your family history right there on your phone, and save it all in seconds. Your site is updated without waiting until you get home.


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