Best 50-gallon Gas & Electric Water Heater 2020 – Reviews & Top Rated

Best 50-gallon Gas Water Heater

Hot water is essential to every family, especially for those living in cold countries or having babies. In the past, people could only heat water manually. However, from half a century back, the gas water heater was commonly used in numerous households.

Due to its reliability, reasonable price and recuperation of as much as 40% faster than other kinds of heaters, gas water heater is a necessary item for supplying quality hot water.

However, identifying the best 50-gallon gas water heater 2020 among the varieties in the market is not simple. Hence, we made the below list to help you pick out the best one that fits your need.

Top 3 Best 50-Gallon Gas & Electric Water Heater 2020



​​#1 Westinghouse Natural Gas Water Heater- The highest performing heater

​​#2 Rheem Marathon Water Heater - A fair price - fair performance heater

​​#​3 Westinghouse Electric Water Heater (Size: 52 gallon) – The cheapest heater in the market so far

Westinghouse is a leading company in the heating industry. The company’s state-of-the-art technologies focus mainly on the high efficiency of water heating. For the installation, any experienced plumber will find no difficulty to accomplish the task.

Westinghouse had applied 76,000 BTU burner and 97% efficiency into this unit, so the recovery capability is essentially fast at about 3 gallons per minute. This unit tackles the basic problem of a tankless heater.

You can run a recirculation pump and get unlimited hot water with this unit. Moreover, with the most modern technology applied, you can switch for the eco-mode to turn on the function of energy savings and hence, better savings.

However, if you expect a product with an affordable price, this product might not be a good choice.

Despite the excellent performance, its price is approximately double compared to the similar products, which is quite pricey.

Overall, if you do not mind about the cost, this unit will make your showering enjoyable and comfortable every day.


  • ​Easy assembly
  • ​Fast recirculation of hot water
  • ​Good performance
  • ​Modern technology applied
  • ​High reliability


  • ​High price

Rheem Marathon's heater could meet two basic criteria: affordable price and above-average performing.

This unit is the best seller in the market, mainly for mid-range customers. With a decent price and a lifetime warranty of the storage tank, it is an attractive and worth-to-purchase product for sure.

Rheem Marathon had processed this unit with durable and lightweight non-metallic material.

The new material helps to get rid of the smell from anode rod chemical reaction in most of the steel tanks. The performance of this unit is decent in general.

With the high efficiency and recovery rate, the buyer can have hot water in less than 40 minutes.

Moreover, the water storage tank is what makes Marathon water heater standing out from others. It is made of the seamless blow-molded polybutene patented as the PermaGuard, which terminates the need for the anode rod, a part used for corrosion protection.

However, the new material has one problem regarding reliability. The tank can be leaked after a period of using.

You will need to use your warranty to replace some elements after a time of using. Fortunately, we have a lifetime warranty on the tank. So the customer should check the tank’s quality after a specific usage.

In brief, this unit can meet your requirement if you want an affordable product with fair performance.


  • ​Affordable price
  • ​New innovative material
  • ​Lifetime warranty


  • ​Lack of reliability
  • ​Only above-average performance

Here comes another unit from Westinghouse company. However, the market price of this water heater is extremely low. This can consider as one of the cheapest heaters in the market currently. This heater combines a stainless steel construction and efficient operation. It provides hot water without consuming much energy.

Like Rheem Marathon's heater, the stainless steel helps to reduce the smelly hydrogen sulfide in hot water.

Moreover, thanks to the large capacity and high recovery rate, the unit can supply enough hot water for 6 members in a household per day.

The main drawback is the tank material and limited warranty. The tank is easily dented along the top edge after a short amount of time. The tank is large, so you need a space to assemble this unit.

And for the limited warranty, you can be in a situation to pay a costly price for a new replacement tank.

​As for an attractive price, this unit is still a worth-to-buy product for those needing hot water after a hard working day.


  • ​Low price
  • ​New material for removing smelly sulfide
  • ​Large capacity
  • ​Satisfying performance


  • ​The tank is easily dented
  • ​Space occupation

Buyer’s Guide for Water Heater

It is not easy to pick out the best 50-gallon gas & electric water heater in the market. Among numerous elements, these are the key features that you need to consider before purchasing:

The demand of hot water daily

There are many capacities of the water heater (in a gallon) in the market. It is a good place to start studying about your family demand for hot water. A small family with 2 members may use a small storage tank. A typical household with 4 members may benefit from a gas water system.

Size matter

It will be frustrated if a heater is delivered to your house and you find out there is not enough space to install it. You can find the size of the water tank with no effort. It is always clarified in the “product information”. Make some math calculations, do some scaling before purchasing because it is “better safe than sorry”.

The purchase price and other extra expenses (delivery, installation, maintenance, rebates, etc.)

Product price, in usual, is not covered in the delivery or installation fees. It is important to study all the essential costs and make some calculations before buying. Don't be afraid to shell out when it comes to a water heater. You need to purchase the right unit to enjoy the perfect results.

In short, this unit is perfect for the families that have no surplus in financial cost. Beside the debated material, the overall performance of this 52-gallon heater is on point also.

That’s a wrap

The best 50-gallon gas electric water heater 2019 opens up many benefits in our daily routine. Beside taking showers and washing-off debris, hot water can also be used in cooking, laundry, cleaning, planting, and even first aiding.

This innovative product takes away the hassles of manually boiling water to enjoy a warm water supply. There is no doubt that a water heater has become a standard requirement in every household’s machine list.

From our point of view, Westinghouse Natural Gas water heater is the most innovating product inside out. Its energy-saving system is always improved through models. Simplification in machinery makes these units safer and easy to install, even by non-professionals. With this machine, consumers can easily identify their desired water heaters and experience the comfort of hot, warm water.

 After reading our top picks, we hope that you have got enough knowledge and got the point of buying the best gas water heater based on your actual needs.