Best Air Purifiers for Allergies 2020 – Reviews & Top Rated

Best Air Purifiers for Allergies

Human cannot live without air but that is only true in case of “good-quality air”.  In contrast, “low-quality air” is the root cause of many illnesses and allergies.

More and more people, especially allergy sufferers, are considering purchasing an Air Purifier. The problem is that there are way too many products to choose from. Here is everything you need to know about the Best Air Purifier for Allergies.

Although Air Purifier is not the first suggestion of most doctors, it contributes greatly to easing allergy symptoms.

How does an air purifier work to help your allergies?

Allergies are normally caused by these things:

•    Dust

•    Dust Mites

•    Molds

•    Pet allergens

•    Pollens

The Air Purifier is made to grab all allergens particles when they are floating in the air. Those floating ones are what we inhale.

In general, we can say that a good Air Purifier is the one which can clean the air and “kill” pollutants like dust, mold, pollens, etc. In practice, to find the best Air Purifier, we should consider several things regarding its efficiency and effectiveness before making the final decision.

Air Filter types

There are about 5 types of filters on the market but as this article is particularly written for allergy people, we are going to discuss mainly the differences between HEPA and TRUE HEPA.

If you do some researches online about Air Purifiers, most of the results will advise you to go for Air Purifiers with HEPA filters or sometimes TRUE HEPA filters. Are they different? Which is better?


HEPA filter efficiency diagram

HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air, which shows how many particles the filter can trap and remove from the air passing through it.

HEPA and TRUE HEPA may look similar but they meet different requirements.

True HEPA air purifiers are certified to capture particles as small as 0.3 microns, which include a range of allergens and odors. On the other hand, HEPA LIKE is capable of grabbing particles that are 2 microns or larger, such as pet dander and dust.

In short, TRUE HEPA is rated higher than HEPA LIKE, especially for allergy sufferers.

AHAM Certification

AHAM Certification

The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) is an Independent Organization which is responsible for holding the test about cleaning effectiveness of the Air Purifier. The industry standard rate is called the Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR).

The Air Cleaner with higher CADR will work better than the others.  It is recommended to look for a system with a CADR above 350 while anything below 100 is not advised.

Please note that you should compare purifiers of a similar recommended room size.

Ozone free

Some Air Purifiers emit an amount of ozone which is advertised to reduce contaminants such as dust, smoke, pollen, and mold. Unfortunately, Ozone is harmful to the lungs, which means that it can worsen allergy and asthma symptoms. 

You should read the label and go for the Ozone Free product.

Other features

Some additional features can be considered when making the purchase of Air Cleaners as below:

The number of speeds: it is more flexible if the Air Purifier offers speed control system. You can adjust to lower speed when you are sleeping or working and need quiet. 

Noise Control: the Noise level is important, especially when you run an air purifier in your bedroom or working space.

Energy Star: this feature helps you to save money over the lifetime of the product and more importantly, your choice is a contribution to save our planet.

Based on what we have mentioned earlier, here are the top three best Air Purifiers for Allergies.




​GermGuardian AC4825 – 3 in 1 - Premium Quality Air Purifier

​LEVOIT Air Purifier – LV-H132 – Greatest compact Air Purifier with True HEPA filter

​​Hamilton Beach 04383 Air Purifier – The most cost-effective Air Purifier with Permanent Filter  

​Editor's Rating:

4.2 / 5

This is the top pick Air Purifier for Allergy people. The product is a great combination of alllatest and trusted high-tech features for easing allergy symptoms. 

The National Trusted Brand – GermGuardian has created the best overall Air Purifier for Allergies. The manufacturer understands well how to tackle allergens by all available features on the product: True HEPA filter with AHAM Certification, Charcoal filter for reducing common odors and UV-C light to kill airborne bacteria, viruses, germs, and mold spores Carb Compliant.

The only minus thing is that the blue light flashes continuously, which can distract you during the night.


  • ​True HEPA filter
  • ​AHAM Certification
  • ​Charcoal filter
  • ​UV-C light
  • ​Energy Star
  • ​Space-saver design while large room coverage of 167 square feet
  • ​Ultra-quiet and adjustable speeds


  • ​Filter change every 6-8 months
  • ​Distracting blue light

​Editor's Rating:

​4.1 / 5

You may love the product, at first sight, thanks to its unique design before getting to know further about its features.

LEVOIT H132 is the first compact air cleaner using new design language. It was launched in 2017 but it is so far one of the best sellers on Amazon.

LEVOIT is an American brand which promises to enrich relaxation, health, and well-being in your home and in your life. Wellness, design, and thoughtfulness are the three keywords throughout the long-term development of this nationally trusted brand. Its slogan is “LEVOIT makes home products that are mindful & chic”.

Another True HEPA filter product works best in normal-size rooms or office spaces. The ozone-free indication is another big plus of the product. Additional Nightlight function is a successful add-on of the trusted brand, which has pleased many demanding consumers.

However, whether you expect more or less, Levoit LV-H132 is not efficient to cover a large space of polluted air. It works best in an area of 129 square feet.


  • ​Contemporary design
  • ​Space-saver
  • ​True HEPA filter
  • ​Charcoal filter
  • ​Ozone-free
  • ​Ultra-quiet and adjustable speeds
  • ​Nightlight function


  • ​Small-size room of below 129 square feet
  • ​Filter change every 6 months

​Editor's Rating:

​4.2 / 5

What is great about this product is its “super affordable” price and permanent HEPA filter. You do not need to worry about filter replacement as it can be cleaned by a vacuum machine.

One thing to be clear is that the machines use HEPA filter not TRUE HEPA as the two ones listed above. It means that this Air Purifier is able to remove a significant amount of dust from the air but it is not efficient to remove anything as small as 0.3 microns.

The major drawbacks of this product are its poor design and annoying noise at the third-speed setting.


  • ​Affordable price
  • ​Cost-efficient with permanent filter
  • ​Effective dust-reduction


  • ​Poor design
  • ​Not TRUE HEPA filter
  • ​No odor elimination
  • ​Loud noise at a powerful speed

Final Word

Please keep in mind that our list of the best Air Purifier for Allergies is based on consumers’ reviews. It is now your turn to make a smart choice. Each of them offers unique features that meet your various requirements. You should ask yourself what are your top priorities.

Last but not least, you should remember that in order to reduce allergic and asthmatic reactions, you should first think of minimizing your exposure to other allergens in the home. Adding an Air Purifier will come second to eradicate all allergy symptoms.