5 Best Bathroom Faucets Reviews 2020 – Top Rated

Best Bathroom Faucets

​[kkratings]Bathroom faucets have to be sleek, corrosion resistant, convenient to use and stylish for sure. To make sure all these features are there, you may need to find some of the best bathroom faucets 2020 to add value to your bathroom accessories. More features you may need to look for may include, the water pressure, the water mixer operation, durability and other things that matter the most.

In this article, we’ll be listing some of the best bathroom faucets ​2019 to help you find the one that fits your bathroom interior and serve you at its best as per your expectations.

​​​​​Top 5 Best bathroom faucets 2020



​​#​​1​ Moen Eva Two-Handle Centerset Bathroom Faucet

​​#​​2 ​​​​BWE Chrome Waterfall Bathroom Faucet

​​#​​3 ​​​KINGO HOME Contemporary ​Bathroom Faucet

​#​4 ​​Moen Brantford Two-Handle ​Bathroom Faucet

​#​5 ​Moen 6610ORB Brantford Two-Handle Low Arc Bathroom Faucet

The Moen brand is a renowned household name in the bathroom faucet industry. The brand’s main focus is on the design of high-quality bathroom faucets meant for individuals who want high-end products.

This two-handle faucet has a stylish design any fashionable individual will definitely appreciate. Its usability features include a 3-hole mount that makes it quite easy to install, 2 lever handles for proper water adjustment, as well as a nickel finish that prevents corroding and flaking throughout the lifespan of the faucet.

Moen Eva comes with a lifetime product warranty to give users assurance of quality. There are very few faucets designed with more attention to details as this very faucet is designed. Moreover, it meets the requirements for water conservation and still maintains high performance.

Moen Eva has a durable polished design that keeps it shiny and new for a very long time. The durable polish finish gives it the ability to withstand hard brushing and heavy usage, without any inclination to depreciate. The only downside of the product users have noticed is the fact that the water flow is too close to the base.

Apart from that, the faucet is really a properly designed product. If you are looking for a durable and high performing water faucet, this faucet will surely be a great purchase for you.


  • ​Comes with 2-lever handles for efficient water usage and adjustment
  • ​The 3-hole mount makes it one of the easiest faucets to install
  • ​Sleek and polished design for fashion oriented individuals
  • ​Very durable and can stand the test of time
  • ​Maintains performance and still meets water conservation requirements
  • ​No corrosion, no stains
  • ​Easy to clean and keep shining


  • ​The space between the edge and the water stream is a bit too close

If ease of use, high water flow performance and durability are your requirements in a bathroom faucet, this properly designed faucet will be an ideal option for you. The faucet is well made and provides exceptional water flow performance for a single person or a whole family.

BWE Chrome is well built to stand the test of time. This is the reason why it’s heavier than some other faucet models. Although some users have complained about its weight, on the contrary, the heavy design is what makes it one of the most durable faucets you will see in the market.

Apart from this issue, the faucet is properly designed and functions properly to provide effective water flow. The rugged design makes it strong and durable even during heavy usage.

BWE Chrome comes with a lifetime warranty, which gives users the confidence of quality. Moreover, the stylish design of the faucet beautifies your bathroom and improves the aesthetic composition of the bathroom.

 Again, you will find out that this faucet is quite affordable compared to other high-quality faucets in its class. With all these features and qualities, BWE Chrome faucet surely delivers more than it promises.  If you are looking for a very durable and high performing faucet to install in your bathroom, there may not be a more suitable option than this model.


  • ​Designed with long lasting materials
  • ​Provides exceptional water flow capacity
  • ​Able to withstand every day and rugged use
  • ​The aesthetic design makes it ideal for stylish individuals
  • ​Comes with lifetime product warranty


  • ​You may have to get a drain stopper
  • ​No proper installation guide on the user manual

KingGo faucet has a unique design with a brushed nickel finish any classic loving individual will most definitely cherish. It’s packaged with both cold and hot flexible hoses for more convenience when using the faucet.

Kingco has one-lever design to give users proper control of the water temperature and a steady water flow. In terms of longevity, the faucet beats most of its competitors in this area. The ceramics disc design is surely an innovative approach to give users nothing other than durability and long-lasting performance.

Its manufacturer took a great time to design this high-quality product considering its nickel finish design. You don’t have to worry about durability because the faucet will surely stand the test of time. Also with this design, you shouldn’t be concerned about corrosion throughout the lifespan of the product.

The manufacturer has even provided a money back guarantee on the faucet, which gives users assurance of quality. Interestingly, the price of the faucet is a little bit surprising. With all the qualities, the cost of the product is far lesser than other high-end faucets in the market.


  • ​Comes with a brushed nickel finish that prevents rust
  • ​Built with ceramics disc for durability
  • ​High performance with exceptional water flow
  • ​Easy to install and quite affordable compared to other products
  • ​One-lever design for proper water management


  • ​Pop up drain is not included in the package

H​ere is another Moen bathroom faucet designed with the high quality material. Just like its sister model above, Brantford also has 2-lever handles to make it very easy to adjust water flow. You will also love 3 mount holes ingrained in the faucet for ease of installation.

Moen Brantford is covered by lifetime product warranty, which gives you the assurance of quality even when put to heavy use. Brantford is well-suited for M-PACT valve system for high level of performance. However, the valve body is not included in the package and you will need to buy it separately.

So, you have to pay extra dollars to get a matching valve body for the faucet. That’s the area where the company needs to address because, asides that, the faucet is well made and gives optimum performance. The water flow is excellent and there is room for adjustments to meet our need.

Moen Brantford is the perfect faucet you can get a new or refurbished home to keep the ultra-quality you want for every of your household utilities. If you love simplicity and ease of use, this well-designed faucet is definitely worth considering.


  • ​Steady water flow and delivers high performance
  • ​Comes with 2 lever handles that give users total control over water flow
  • ​The 3-hole mount makes it very easy to install
  • ​Comes with lifetime product warranty
  • ​Durable design and stylishly made
  • ​Comes with a polished surface for easy cleaning and maintenance


  • ​It’s a bit expensive since you need to buy its matching valve

​Moen 6610ORB faucet oozes quality in all areas. It’s the perfect faucet for individuals looking for high quality and long lasting faucets to install in their homes. It has an exceptional water flow with adjustable options that will meet your need. This faucet is ADA compliant, which means it meets the water conservation criteria and still manages to maintain high performance.

Moreover, the faucet is designed in a way that aids easy installation. You don’t need to worry about maintenance because Moen bathroom faucet does not require much for maintenance. It’s smooth and polished surface allows you easily brush the faucet to keep it new and shiny at all times.

This Moen faucet does not require a professional to be installed. With the 4-inch center set design you will be able to successfully install it on your own. No wonder it maintains a very high rating among Amazon users who have seen its overall quality.

With all these features and qualities, you may wonder whether the faucet actually has any flaws. Yes, it does, but this may not be an issue for some users. The problem with this faucet is the fact that the reach from the neck to the base is too wide. As stated earlier, this may not be an issue for some users who are more concerned about performance.


  • ​Proper design with durable features
  • ​Has a center set design for ease of installation
  • ​An aerated stream technology that delivers efficient and steady water flow
  • ​Meets Water Sense requirements for proper water management
  • ​The 2-lever handles allow users to easily adjust the water flow


  • ​The reach from the neck to the base is a bit wide


In all these above listed best bathroom faucets 2020 you can surely match the one that matches your bathroom interior and expect it to serve the way you have been looking for.

Though it is better to look for the one that is durable enough to keep up with the heavy usage if there is. But in addition to the durability, the overall design and finishing matter a lot if you prefer to consider aesthetics as well.

We have made it sure to provide you with the best options that are aesthetically and operationally the most reliable faucets for any kind of bathroom you have.