5 Best Cold Brew Coffee Makers 2020 – Top Rated & Reviews

Cold brewed coffee has lesser caffeine than hot brewed one. This is an actual fact knowing that caffeine will be fully extracted when brewed hot and less in cold, and with the use of cold brews coffee maker, you will achieve the perfect mix and match smoothie to beat the heat.

The process of making a cold brew coffee may be a bit longer and no matter what brand you choose, either high or low end or a cheaper one, the end line is the smoother and less acidity coffee you would always love. With so many brands in the market today and with different features, prices, and style finding the best cold brew coffee makers becomes a difficult task, however, this review will come to the rescue as it will reveal the best choice of cold brew coffee maker which meets all the standards of the people.

Below are the top 5 choices for best makers in the market. Each one has different features and prices but shares the same capacity, to give you a perfect blend of best coffee for cold brew.

#1 Airtight Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker and Tea Infuser

This easy to use maker comes in a glass with a pitcher-style that can make up to 1 liter of brewed coffee. Convenience is a word which this unit can boast with its BPA-free airtight seal for a better protection of brewed coffee for many days, its high quality that can resist any type of dishwasher glass for a longer usage, rust-resistant stainless steel filter and cap, and measuring level for a precision.

This cold brew coffee maker is usable for infusing tea as well without worrying you with its durability since its glass is made from durable material. With its height that will fit most shelf of the fridge, this choice is so easy and convenient to use. The packaging and the size of this coffee brew maker are actually worth the price considering the quality of all the materials that made this product.

In the end, what makes this one stands out is its simplicity yet efficiency as a cold brew coffee maker. Though it looks simple and common, it meets the basic standards of makers offering you a good quality and durable product.

The Good

  • ​Easy to use
  • ​Durable
  • ​Seals effectively
  • ​Good filter
  • ​Decent style

The Bad

  • ​A bit flimsy handle
  • ​A bit small for a heavy drinker

#​2 Oxo Good Grips Cold Brew Coffee Maker

This maker offers an optimal flavor extraction with its 10 paper filters for a more flavorful result. This maker is so easy to use with its single control button that will enable the filtration process to take place in just one click and in just 12-24 hours, you can now enjoy your cold brew coffee. This cold brew coffee maker has a capacity of about 4 cups which is enough for day to day use or even for a small gathering.

This maker features its ultra-fine stainless steel mesh filter which is reusable and easy to clean for your convenience in every use. It also made from high-quality glass with markings in it and pair of stoppers to keep it safe and stable inside your fridge.

This cold brew coffee maker has a price which is just worthy of its size, design, and packaging. However, the good thing about this maker is its physical look as it comes in a simple and common yet, in a classy approach. This style and design are perfect to use even when you have some visitors at home.

The Good

  • ​Convenient and easy to use
  • ​Great style
  • ​Durable and quality materials
  • ​Excellent performance

The Bad

  • ​Plastic lever is difficult to move
  • ​You need to make sure that it stands correctly when in use

#​​3 Toddy Cold Brew Coffee Maker with 2 Extra Filters

This third choice of the cold brew coffee maker is suitable for large gathering and day to day use. This maker capacity is up to 4 liters, a quite heavy duty maker indeed and designed to produce cold brew coffee up to 67% less acidity. In its set, you will receive all the materials you need in the whole brewing process. These are brewing container with a handle, glass decanter with lid, 4 reusable filters, 1 rubber stop, recipe instruction and recipe guide. This cold brew coffee maker is easy and convenient to use since it has a handle on its side. It is also made of good quality materials to let you use it for a quite long time and it has a rubber stop to make it safe and stable when you are using it. 

Its price is just worthy of its packaging and even its design. This cold brew coffee maker machine is really functional and can be used for both coffee brew and tea infusion.

All in all, this brew maker can be a good choice. It is convenient to use daily and when you have some visitors at home. With its elevated design, you can be sure that your coffee will be extracted carefully for a smoother and better taste.

The Good

  • ​Larger capacity
  • ​Versatile
  • ​Highly-functional
  • ​Great design

The Bad

  • ​A glass is a bit fragile
  • ​The filter does not stay in place sometimes

#​​​4 Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Iced Coffee Pot

The fourth on this list is the Hario Cold Brew Iced Coffee Pot. This maker has the capacity of up to 1000 ml or 4-4.5 cups coffee which is good enough for personal or family use and for gatherings. This cold brew coffee maker comes in a simple design and basically is made from plastic material. Added to its features is the reusable filter which is a good thing for a certain coffee maker. This one is also easy to use and easy to clean and it is dishwasher safe too. Another great feature of this cold coffee brew maker is its handle which contributes to the convenience of this brew coffee maker. With its dimension of about 11.8 x 4.7 x 4.3 inches and weight of about 1.25 pounds, this one is good enough for everyday use.

All in all, Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Iced Coffee Pot can be a good choice. Despite its simple and common design, the fact that it performs well and good, this cold brew coffee maker is still suitable for regular use.

The Good

  • ​Larger capacity
  • ​Simple design
  • ​Functional

The Bad

  • ​Not durable
  • ​Low-quality filter

#​​​​5 Mason Jar Cold Brew Coffee Maker and Iced Tea maker

This cold brew coffee maker may have a simple look yet it is good enough for brewing your best coffee for everyday use. It comes in a mason jar of good quality which is suitable for making different beverages including teas. One of the greatest properties of this maker is it has no traces of plastic materials. This means that it is really safe to use and its wooden lid adds beauty to its overall appearance. Just like any other jars, this cold coffee brew maker is easy to use and easy to clean as well.

With its simple style, this cold brew coffee maker is just worth to its price. Its packaging is quite simple yet good enough for brewing coffee and infusing teas.

Overall what makes this coffee brew maker stands out among other choices is the kind of safe that it can give to you. Considering the fact that it is made of glass and wood, it is safe to anyone’s health in day to day to use.

The Good

  • ​BPA-free
  • ​Safety to use
  • ​Convenient and easy to use

The Bad

  • ​May not suit heavy drinker

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All of these choices of cold coffee brew makers are great and deserve commendations. Though they have different designs, dimensions, styles, and even level of performance, all of them are efficient in their different ways. However, considering the fact that these differences will make a huge impact from each other overall’s efficiency and since they offer different features as well, there will always be one cold coffee brew maker that will stand out among the other choices. The best among the rest is not perfect but it will always have a flaw however, this best cold brew coffee maker has the ability to make the greatest satisfaction among all the chosen brands of choices.

So what is the best choice?  Among these 5 choices, let’s take a look the best brand that stands out the most. Among the 4 choices, the Simple Life Cycle Mason Jar Cold Brew Coffee Maker and Iced Tea maker is the best choice. This brew maker comes in a mason jar which means that it is easy to use, to clean, and easy to store as well. It is also made from glass and lid from wood which offers safety to one’s health in every use.

Simple Life Cycle Mason Jar Cold Brew Coffee Maker and Iced Tea maker may have a simple and common look but in its simplicity, the versatility and convenience of every user can also be found.