5 Best Cordless Circular Saw 2020 – Reviews & Top Rated [Updated]

Best Cordless Circular Saw

Who doesn’t like quality cordless circular saws? With them, you’ll be able to engage in many cutting applications with more portability.

Plus, circular saws are ideal solutions for cutting wood in a quick and effortless way. Thanks to the advance of Li-ion batteries, the cordless circular saw has become a default tool for almost woodworkers.

But which one is the best cordless circular saw 2019 out there? Move to some suggestions based on our careful research below!

Top 5 Best Cordless Circular Saw 2020



​DEWALT DC390B - Best rated pick

  • ​6.3 lbs
  • ​18 V
  • ​3,700 RPM

​PORTER-CABLE PCC660B - Best budget pick

  • ​6.8 lbs
  • ​18 V
  • ​3,500 RPM

Fleck Iron Pro 2 Combination Water Softener

  • ​6.5 lbs
  • ​20 V
  • ​4,000 RPM

​​#4 Makita XSS02Z - Best value for money

  • ​7.3 lbs
  • ​18 V
  • ​3,700 RPM

​​$5 Makita SH02R1 - Best mini handheld circular saw

  • ​3.5 lbs
  • ​12 V
  • ​1,500 RPM

​DEWALT DC390B - Best rated pick

The first candidate is a product from Dewalt. This saw is lightweight, so it’s convenient to maneuver as well as  decrease storage space. Its rubber handle grip will offer dampening vibration and more comfort.

With 3700 RPM operating speed, it provides quick rip cuts and cross cuts. Also, the carbide tipped blade has superb cutting capacity at 45 and 90 degrees.

Its motor is fan-cooled and brings lots of durability and power with a robust magnesium shoe as well as upper guard.

You can smoothly perform quick bevel cuts of 50 degrees along with its tillable shoe. This tool also helps deliver professional and smooth cuts in material.

However, this package doesn’t include batteries, so you’ll have a purchase of them and charger seperately.


  • ​Portable and efficient
  • ​Excellent cutting capacity
  • ​3-year warranty with good customer service
  • ​Large blade for performing on large projects


  • ​Doesn’t include battery

​We recommend this saw for common purposes such as engraving applications by semi-professionals or beginners. It’s also best to use on wood, plywood, and lumber.


​Milwaukee M18 2630-20 - Best balance pick

The runner-up is a good deal on the current market. With the premium design, the saw feels and looks more valuable than it is.

Thanks to the Milwaukee tweak, this version has an efficient motor to perform better with less power. The motor can spin the blade at 3,500 RPM, which is strong enough for raw hardwood cuttings.

Another feature we like is its electric brakes. They will stop the blade right after you finish your cuts. Thus, you don’t need to wait until the blade slows down, which will reduce your job downtime.

Besides, the good-quality shoe and miter marks will help you measure each cut without the need for extra measuring tapes. The shoe is also pretty large, which is ideal for better balance.

We find it great for cutting hard and thick materials. But, for soft materials such as plywood, this item doesn’t seem to be an ideal solution.


  • ​5-year warranty
  • ​Compact and ergonomic design
  • ​Good depth and bevel adjustment
  • ​Heavy-duty guards for max durability


  • ​Not ideal for softwood

​It’s great for users working mostly with hard materials and for engraving applications in various professions, such as plumbing, framing, finishing, carpentry, and more.


​PORTER-CABLE PCC660B - Best budget pick

One more item you shouldn’t miss is this Porter Cable product. It’s a powerful device that will get your job done well. It is sturdy and lightweight so you can carry it around effortlessly.

It operates at 4,000 RPM, and with a carbide tooth blade, providing different cutting capacities and applications.

Another special feature we found impressive is the depth cutting gauge on its blade guard. What’s more, the front saw kerf notch is also deep, which allows easy cutting alignment.

This tool can “eat” through materials that are either six inches or below six inches thick. Its compact design helps reduce job-site fatigue, and its well-molded handle will give you the best comfort.

Nevertheless, we feel the tool buttons a little bit stiff to touch at the first time of use. However, everything becomes smoother when we get used to using it.


  • ​Budget-friendly
  • ​Interchangeable batteries with a long lifespan
  • ​High-strength motor for aggressive cuts
  • ​2-1/8 inches maximum depth cut


  • ​A little stiff-to-touch buttons

​It is great for DIY enthusiasts and amateur users in trimming, cutting, woodworking or outdoor works and jobs that need lots of movements.


​Makita XSS02Z - Best value for money

This Makita device will make you surprised! You may use this versatile and lightweight model for extended periods without getting cramped up or becoming fatigued.

Besides, the robust base will provide steadiness as well as accurate, smooth cuttings. This cordless tool also offers excellent performance for indoor and outdoor projects.  

What we like most here is the Makita-built proprietary motor. It can spin the saw blade at the speed of up to 3700 RPM, which brings class-competitive fast ripping and cutting.

This ergonomic design includes rear and front rubber grips for long-term uses. Also, its useful dust blower and LED work light will let you see where your cut is.

It takes us some time to find out which one of the company’s batteries will be compatible with this device.


  • ​Interchangeable batteries
  • ​Quiet and simple to use
  • ​Sufficient power for any woodcutting
  • ​Impressive overload protection


  • ​The battery requirements may be confusing

​The tool may cope with almost small up to mid-sized jobs. It will help professional contractors and homeowners get the projects done well.


​Makita SH02R1 - Best mini handheld circular saw

This is the last model in our list. Well, electricians or plumbers often have to get through drywall or plywood to complete their jobs. That’s where this Makita unit comes in handy.

The device works with a slide-style Li-ion battery and indicator charge level LED. It’s quite light in weight, at just 5.5 lbs, which will help with fatigue while working on heavy-duty projects.

What impresses us most is its dust blower. That part will keep your cutting line out of debris, which helps to increase accuracy and improve your products’ quality.

Plus, with the attached blade wrench, changing the blade has never been easier. And thanks to the battery safety protection circuits, this tool won’t be over-discharging, overheating or overloading.  

Its 1-inch cutting depth is excellent for various cutting applications. But it is still small compared to cordless ones offer out there.


  • ​Super lightweight and compact
  • ​Tilting base offers 0 to 45-degree bevel cuts
  • ​Ergonomic rubber handle and soft grip
  • ​Powerful motor for complex operations


  • ​The limited cutting depth

​Not only helps DIY enthusiasts cut through MDF, melamine, pegboard, or particleboard, this saw is also appropriate for small spaces where standard ones would struggle.

Best Choice

We find it challenging to narrow down the winner among 5 candidates above. Anyway, if we have to do that, we’d suggest the DEWALT DC390B model as our top pick due to some following reasons.

First, Dewalt is a reputable company which offers a variety of quality manufacturing tools for woodcutting. This DC390B version also receives lots of astounding reviews from online retailers.

Second, it has an impressive purchase compared to others out there and that friendly price also couples with its unique performance.

Third, we love its awesome safety feature. Its blade will stop spinning rapidly after use, which makes this tool pretty safe to operate.

Overall, with this tool, at-home cutting tasks, heavy DIY jobs or light professional works will be easier for even newbies to perform.

Although it’s just a bare device without included battery, we believe there will be no regret due to the excellent overall performance and usage it offers.

That’s only our suggestion. You’d better consider what you want and your budget to get the best fit.

Final word

Those words wrap up today’s list of 5 best cordless circular saws in the current marketplace.

Make a clear-sighted selection and grab the best one for your needs right now! And remember to share and like our post soon! Many thanks.

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