5 Best Drip Coffee Makers 2020- Reviews & Top Picks

Coffee is life for a lot of us. We could not live without sipping a cup of coffee at any time of the day. That is why we tend to purchase coffee makers for us to easily access our favorite coffee moments whenever we feel. This is the best way to savor that aroma without spending time in coffee shops.

But nonetheless, there are several existing drip coffee makers that you could choose in the local market. They come from a variety of sizes and functionality catering different coffee types. Though, it sometimes confusing to find the perfect equipment that suits your tastes and likes.  In this article, we are going to evaluate among the best drip coffee maker 2020 sold today and let’s decide what’s the most recommended one to buy for this 2020.

To get you a closer grasp with each of the products, let’s give some drip coffee maker reviews to each product given. Nevertheless, as you will observe, there will be similarities and differences between the products. The characteristics employed will serve as a basis for the conclusion of this review. Let’s get this coffee-tastic review get started!

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#5​ OXO On Barista Brain 9 Cup Coffee Maker

An SCAA certified coffee making machine, this device empowers powerful features with a unique design mainly stainless steel housing incorporating a silver and black color to its layout. It is prettily a smart device, highly microprocessor controlled with an adjustable temperature (197-204 F) settings and a single rotating or press-abled dial to operate with time and number of cups being employed into the system. Nevertheless, it has a LED-backlit display indicating a 24-hour timer and temperature.

Inside the device lies the cone-shaped brew basket with a #4 filter on it. It is governed with the Rainmaker Shower head Technology that is designed to efficiently disperse water into coffee grounds for a highly suited taste and flavor that you’ll like. It has a visible water reservoir catering 48 fluid ounces for the coffee brewing process. Nevertheless, few of its parts are made of plastic which is a bit disappointing to the manufacturer.

The design seems different as to other coffee makers yet still has few weaknesses that should be addressed. Nonetheless, it’s really not that heavy but it is quite bigger and taller as expected. Its lids are unreliable making things difficult especially for cleaning and refilling as needed.

The taste of their coffee seems fine. Though, there are few users who felt a little bitter taste on it. It induces a hot yet not that sustaining coffee temperature. Consequently, it’s easy to use the device for the fast operation.

Generally, the device is quite a price to pay. The customer service is quite accommodating with all concerns addressed immediately. It definitely fits its primary coffee making purpose!


  • ​Intelligently Design
  • ​Easy to Operate
  • ​User-Friendly Interface
  • ​Adjustable Temperature and Time Settings


  • ​Large Size
  • ​Inconvenient Lid

#4​ ​Cuisinart SS-15 12-Cup Coffee Maker and Single-Serve Brewer, Stainless Steel

Cuisinart’s another exceptional coffee maker brand adorned with versatile functions and intuitive buttons situated in the rich textured interface of the device. It includes easily touch buttons for adjustments on volume, time, and coffee variety, specifically clean and bold. It has triple coffee K-cup options (6 oz, 8 0z, and 12 0z)  with two rotating dials for temperature and auto-on or off function. It includes a blue illuminated backlit LED display for time and temperature settings.

Manufactured and houses with stainless steel, the device has an outstanding appearance weighing a pound. It’s a bit bulky with dimensions of 11.8 x 12.9 x 16.6 inches. Its exterior surface is polished with a combination of silver on the upper portion and black color at its cabinet space lower half.

The carafe with an intuitive black stainless steel handle and visible glass surface holds 12 pieces of 5 oz coffee cups. It has two water reservoirs handling respectively 60 oz and 40 oz of water. The reservoir has a well-calibrated measurement for water level indications.

Though, a lot of users have issues with the best single serve coffee maker reservoir. It easily spills around with a small valve into it. Nevertheless, with a small opening, it has tendencies to become slower as compared to the other reservoir.

Overall, it’s a good coffee maker. It’s worth for the price with multiple functions incorporating convenience to its users. However, you’ll really need to read the manual and not tend to lose it for a full understanding of all the functions it conceives.


  • ​Superior Design and Interface
  • ​Multi-variant coffee volumes
  • ​Durable Build
  • ​Easy to Operate


  • ​Design Flaws and Issues

#​3 Bonavita BV1900TS 8-Cup Carafe Coffee Brewer, Stainless Steel

A uniquely designed coffee brewer incorporating a one-touch operation through a rotating dial on its side for turning on/off or adjustments in temperature. It balances and maintains an optimal water temperature from 195 to 205°F via a precise 1500 watt heater and hot plate incorporated within it.

This 6.13-pound brewer is fabricated durably mainly from stainless steel with black and predominantly silver housing.  It induces a wide showerhead design for uniform water distribution over the coffee grounds for extraction.

The 8 cup (8 oz) capacity brewer is visibly noted with its transparent plastic design with calibrated measurements on its sides. It is matched with an 8 cup double walled large glass carafe incorporating a bit removable yet still flimsy lid especially upon pouring coffee.

The device is astoundingly paired with an adapter ring driven through a brew basket that could be placed at the top of the carafe. It is easily brewed with the fast 3-minute operation for 8 cups.

Nevertheless, the device has a limited function with no programmable buttons into it. The operation is quite simple and easy yet not that flexible as compared to its other competitors.

Overall, the coffee quality seems good. It has an exceptional heating system though still lack some features with design flaws that the manufacturer should address into. But nonetheless, the price seems quite a surprise. It’s cheaper than most of its competitors.


  • ​Great Thermal Heating System
  • ​Durable Build
  • ​Well-Engineered Design
  • ​Cost-Efficient
  • ​Simple Operation


  • ​Few Design Flaws
  • ​Inflexible Operation
  • ​8 cup limitation

#​2 ​Cuisinart DCC-3200 14-Cup Glass Carafe with Stainless Steel Handle Programmable Coffeemaker

Weighing about 8.38 pounds, this silvered polished highly engineered coffee maker is catered two coffee varieties, regular and bold coffee consecutively. It’s generally fabricated from stainless steel incorporating a carafe and a gold filter for coffee brewing.

The carafe is a bit larger than its predecessor, the Cusinart 1200. It has a stainless steel handle and a flimsy plastic top which is quite awkward upon pouring coffee. Nevertheless, it just fits sufficiently into the cabinet space intended for the best coffee makers.

This 7.8 x 14 x 9 inches coffee maker is programmed with automatic 24-hour workability and simple cleaning activity using a combination of vinegar and water intuitively. It has four multi-cup settings to cater versatility on cup performance. Also, it has highly-responsive silver buttons on its interface with adjustable temperature (108-202 F), time, and audio settings backlit through an easy to read LCD screen and LED lights to highlight various coffee maker functions. Nevertheless, it has no switches which make it better than the latter model.  Aside from that, it has an auto-shut off that is easily controlled from 0 to 4 hours.

With regards to coffee quality, it is quite excellent for its price. It includes a gold and a water filter to improve the taste of coffee. Though there’s nothing new to its taste, it induces strong and highly-brewed coffee.

Overall, it’s an expensive coffee maker yet worth a shot of purchase. It brews 8-10 cups for 5 minutes. It has a bit plastic-like scent upon first few uses, but it goes away through a time of using the equipment.


  • ​Durable Quality
  • ​Good Coffee Taste
  • ​Fast Coffee Making
  • ​Versatile Operation
  • ​Easy to Use Device


  • ​Few Design Flaws
  • ​Expensive to Buy

#​1 ​​Hamilton Beach 49980A Single Serve Coffee Brewer and Full Pot Coffee Maker, 2-Way

An entry-level coffee brewer serving two coffee volume variety either through cups or full pot. It has a typical coffee maker design highlighted with silver and black color. It has an easily used interface with four programmable buttons, a rotating dial, and a blue illuminated LED display for brewing and time options. It has a brew strength selector for adjustments on coffee variability. However, it lacks flexibility on functions without a timer and snooze option when it finishes brewing.

It has a large capacity water reservoir to generate coffee for the carafe and the single serve side. It does not serve K cup pods though it allows brewing to any adjustable containers including mugs and full cups. It incorporates an easily removed pod holder that that supports soft pod coffee. The carafe handles 12 cups of coffee with an easily held stainless steel handle.

With its coffee quality, as expected, it won’t be that astounding as those premium coffee making brands. It serves good coffee yet still lacks taste and aroma as needed. Nevertheless, the device has a big filter to cater coffee grinds intuitively.

Aside from that, it could not maintain heat for long hours. Nevertheless, this device is ideal for utilization immediately. Brewing also takes too much time approximately about 15 minutes for the 12 cup carafe.

However, if you are looking for an affordable coffee maker with decent coffee quality, then this device would do well. Though it lacks some features, this is still a well-sought coffee maker for everyone.


  • ​Durably Made
  • ​Great Design
  • ​Affordable Price
  • ​Two-way Brewing


  • ​Not that Hot
  • ​Brewing takes Time
  • ​Inflexible Programming


With all these brilliant coffee makers, it’s difficult to choose a particular brand to recommend. All have its own strengths and weaknesses that should look on. But nonetheless, if you are looking for a cost-efficient coffee maker, then Hamilton’s coffee maker seems to suit you. It’s not that expensive yet give you still a decent coffee quality.

But nonetheless, if you are looking for performance and durability, then Cuisinart's 3200 is the best thing you should purchase. It’s superiorly manufactured with excellent coffee taste. Runner-ups would be Oxo’s Coffee Maker and Bonavita’s Coffee machine. Both devices employ flexibility as compared to the latter yet still lacks coffee quality as Cuisinart’s 3200 perceives.