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Best Garbage Disposal

​[kkratings]Drainage systems are essential in any household because they get rid of wastes and that is just what every home owner wants for a clean home and good-looking environment. In efforts to achieve effective waste management, Garbage Disposal systems have been introduced and are becoming increasingly common in many households.

Clogs in drains can be frequent enough to convince you that they are a normal occurrence. However, with a garbage disposer installed, you will not see much of this because the wastes are processed into fine forms that can be washed down the drains easily. Cut down maintenance costs on the drainage system by installing a garbage disposal unit today. 

To help you make a choice, there are best garbage disposals for septic system reviews 2020 in the following sections. Read through them keenly and salvage your drain lines.

Top 10 Best Garbage Disposals 2020 Reviews



​1.​ InSinkErator Evolution Septic Assist 3/4 HP Household Garbage Disposal

​2.​ InSinkErator Evolution Excel 1.0 HP Household Garbage Disposal

3. InSinkErator Evolution Compact 3/4 HP Household Garbage Disposal

4. Waste King 1.0 Horsepower Garbage Disposal with Exclusive Silencer Technology

​5.​ Waste King L-3300 Legend Series 3/4 HP Full Size Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal


​1.​ InSinkErator Evolution Septic Assist 3/4 HP Household Garbage Disposal

​2.​ InSinkErator Evolution Excel 1.0 HP Household Garbage Disposal

3. InSinkErator Evolution Compact 3/4 HP Household Garbage Disposal

4. Waste King 1.0 Horsepower Garbage Disposal with Exclusive Silencer Technology

​5.​ Waste King L-3300 Legend Series 3/4 HP Full Size Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal

1.​ InSinkErator Evolution Septic Assist 3/4 HP Household Garbage Disposal

Do you have a septic tank in your home? Are you wondering if you can use a garbage disposal disposer in you drainage system? Well, here is the best for you. Thanks to InSinkErator, there is now a disposer that can be integrated well with a septic tank system and it works just fine. With the exceptional bio-charge system, the Septic Assist makes your drains work really great.

This features a cartridge that releases microorganisms which produce degrading enzymes that help in decomposition of wastes. Your system will always be ready to receive more wastes regardless of the load. A citrus scent is also pumped through the system to keep away bad odors that are common in drain lines.A two-stage grinding process ensure that all the wastes are well broken down and turned into a fluid form that passes down the drains with ease. The tri-action lug system and the grind shear ring are components of the system which all work to break even the toughest material into drainage-friendly formulations.

InSinkErator garbage disposers are the easiest to install thanks to the quick Lock mechanism that they come with. This enables the user to fit in the new system without a struggle. The system looks like it came with the rest of the drainage components.A ¾ Horsepower induction motor is what drives the Evolution Septic Assist. This is enough power to enable you cut down the stubborn pieces of food wastes and keep your drains free of any clogging. Remember to buy a power cord separately when you are thinking of installing this system because it doesn’t come with one.A four-year-in-Home Warranty covers this drainage system and you will never be disappointed when you buy it.

2.​ InSinkErator Evolution Excel 1.0 HP Household Garbage Disposal

Get this garbage disposer from one of the top manufacturers in the world. It comes as a great complement of your drainage. Forget all the blocks in the drain lines when you have InSinkErator Evolution Excel. It is a disposer that greatly defines the strides taken in technological advancement. Want to know why this is the best garbage disposers 2020 that you will ever own? Find out from the subsequent paragraphs.

SoundSeal TechnologyWith the Evolution Excel, the garbage you wash down the drains will be ground quietly. You might think your machine is faulty unless you listen carefully. An anti-vibration sink mount alongside an anti-vibration tailpipe are there to hold up the vibrations and reduce noise transmission. To wrap it up, insulation around the motor makes sure no sound escapes. This makes it a wonderful design that you will surely want to buy. After all, machines are expected to make some noise and when you happen to get one that doesn’t then you can as well call it a blessing.

Multi GrindThe garbage is ground in three phases to ensure not a single piece goes untouched. Your pipes will therefore have a good time as they pass the wastes to the sewage or the septic tank.

Large Grinding ChamberThe grinding chamber of this disposer has a capacity of 40 Oz. and is made of stainless steel. You will love the design. With such a capacity, you will have no complains about the rate of flow of the waste water and foods.

Powerful Induction MotorThe 1 Horsepower Dura drive induction motor is perhaps more than what you need for optimum garbage disposal for septic system. It gives you high power that will cut through any food waste, no matter how tough it might be. Buy the Evolution Excel today and be assured you are investing in top quality.

3.​ InSinkErator Evolution Compact 3/4 HP Household Garbage Disposal

If you own a home, then you know how much of a nuisance clogging drains can be. This should not be a problem in a modern day house with the introduction of the Evolution Compact Household Garbage Disposer. This comes to the market with features that will certainly out compete most standard best garbage disposal 2020 for septic system. InSinkErator has SoundSeal technology that provides you the most peaceful environment even if the device is struggling with chunks of waste.

There are foolproof mechanisms to keep away noise including proper insulation around the motor to cut off transmission of the sound to other parts. A tailpipe and a sink mount that do not transmit the vibrations are there to keep it all silent and to emphasize, there is a sink baffle that stifles any noise that would otherwise escape through the throat.

The Multi Grind technology in the device has the function of ensuring that the foods are cut down to very small pieces that can even dissolve in water and give easy-to-drain mixtures. The multi grind process is very fast and will make sure all the particles of any inconveniencing sizes are broken down.The grinding components of the Evolution Compact are made of stainless steel. 

This guarantees long life and of course, a shiny surface that you will want to have in your kitchen. It is the best material for the watery environment to resist rust and corrosion. Besides being sturdy, the grinding chamber can hold up to 34.6 Oz. These makes compact a poor definition because the process of waste flow will happen really fast owing to the large amounts that are being fed to the drains from the disposer at any given time.

4.​ Waste King 1.0 Horsepower Garbage Disposal with Exclusive Silencer Technology

You cannot talk about garbage disposal and fail to mention Waste King. These are the manufacturers of many trending waste disposers that you will find in homes. Among other attributes, quality of their products have made them sell big. This time, they bring to you the Waste King A1SPC Knight 1.0 Horsepower Garbage Disposal.

This device was made with the convenience of the home owner in mind. It is easy to install because it comes with the Snap and Lock mount which is a mechanism that facilitates easy fixation and integration with the existing system. In case you are doing a replacement, the process is even easier. Just remove the old disposer and snap in the new one.A strong motor is provided to make sure the most difficult wastes are cut through. This 1 Horsepower motor couples its strength with an amazing speed of 2700 rotations per minute. No waste is spared here and you will forget the last time your drainage system ever clogged.

The motor does all the grinding in one phase and there are therefore no chambers needed for systematic grinding.Give yourself peaceful time in the kitchen by getting the Waste King A1SPC Knight. It has soundproof techniques incorporated in it to ensure the grinding does not bother the users.Durability is a characteristic of this disposer. The grinding chamber is made of glass-filled nylon and the grinding components from stainless steel. You don’t have to worry about corrosion or rust when you install this system.

Therefore, you are assured of durability and long life which saves you the money you use for repairs and paying a plumber.The Waste King A1SPC Knight comes with a limited in-home mechanical warranty that ensures you can have the replacements done at your home.

5.​ Waste King L-3300 Legend Series 3/4 HP Full Size Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal

Here is yet another garbage disposal from Waste King. It comes with features that are aimed at improving the drainage of any household. When you have this installed alongside an effective grease trap, the good pipes will finish the job of sending wastes down the drains easily. What more would you need?The Legend 3300 is a continuous feed type garbage disposer. This means that you can have steady flow of wastes into it. Unlike the batch feed type of disposers, this disposer is fast to use and is the perfect device if you want to beat deadlines.The reason behind the incredible speed of work is a ¾ Horsepower motor. Besides the power, the motor makes 2700 rotations per minute. The end result is a fast working device that can complete tasks in the shortest time.

Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the waste foods that you are washing down the drains because they will be reduced to fluid.Another outstanding feature is the splash guard which is removable. This keeps away the mess that you will experience with other disposers. You can withdraw it to clean and then replace for the next cycle. The splash guard can be a good indicator of how the grinding process is going on inside the device.If you have a septic system in your home, here is the best disposer that will match the drainage. With properly-sized septic tanks, this garbage disposer can produce the best results ever. 

The fast-and-easy mount system makes installation of the system very easy.The 10 year in-home warranty is a good addition because you will have the system replaced in case it develops mechanical problems. There is also a lifetime warranty against corrosion.

6.​ InSinkErator Evolution Essential 3/4 HP Household Garbage Disposer

The Evolution Essential is a garbage disposer that you should try installing in your home. It is made of high quality material and generally has a great design. You might wonder why such a beautiful device should not be placed on the countertop. Asking why you should buy this disposer? Read on and find out.The Sound Seal technology that it features keeps the room very quiet. The silence can be stunning but it is all because of the serious measures taken to keep away the noise.

The motor is the heart of a garbage disposer and the source of noise. Insulation of the area surrounding the motor can work well to prevent noise transmission. InSinkErator goes ahead to include a tailpipe and sink mount that does not pass on vibrations. The grinding components are made of stainless steel and so is the grind chamber. These are rust-resistant surfaces that will endure long term use. With such, maintenance costs are greatly cut down. The chamber holds 40 Oz. making it good for speedy task performance.The Multi stage grinding makes sure that the process is hastened and all kinds of foods can be broken down. This includes a tri-action lug system and a grind shear ring which together leave no food particle untouched. The solid wastes are liquefied and the subsequent passing into the drains becomes very easy.

The motor is a ¾ Horsepower Dura drive. It has enough power to work effectively even with difficult wastes foods. The power cord, however is not in the pack and you have to include it in the budget. The system has the Quick Lock technique which you will use to install in the drainage system. What defines user friendly better?

7.​ Waste King L-5000TC Legend Series 3/4 HP Batch Feed Garbage Disposal

The continuous feed and batch feed operation garbage disposers are competing on the market but the batch feed is still a love many. If you are one of those who prefer batch feed systems, why not go for the Waste King L-5000TC? This can be a savior in your home drainage.

Wondering how? Batch feed has its own advantages. First, it is activated by closing it up and therefore there is no need for a wall switch. The wastes cannot be expelled out of the system during operation because it is only functional when closed.This device has a ¾ Horsepower permanent magnet motor. This provides the power needed to cut through tough food material and make it possible to be conveyed in drain lines. The motor makes rotations at the rate of 2700rpm. The speed plus the power makes it an effective disposer that can keep away all the blocking and frequent maintenance of the drainage system.

The Waste King L-5000TC is a disposer that can be used in all homes. It is good for use with properly sized septic tank. If you have a septic system, then look no further because here is an environment-friendly disposer to make sure your wastes are not much of a concern.It is very easy to install thanks to the fast and easy technique that is incorporated. You don’t have to call a specialist to do the installation. It is a process that will now take you a few minutes.

Furthermore, it can be connected to a dishwasher.An advantage that this device has got over its counterparts is the inclusion of a power cord in the pack. Some costs are cut here. However, it is a little slower than the continuous feed operation types though easier to operate because of the automatic switch.

8.​ KitchenAid Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal

​​​​A garbage disposal is not a luxury. Every home needs one. If you have been struggling with maintenance bills for your drainage system, this is the time to turn things around. Buy a garbage disposer and you will experience the change it brings. There are several brands on the market but you have to choose the best if you want great results.The grind chamber is generously served with a 40 Oz space that can hold quiet a lot of waste food in a moment.

This enables you complete tasks in the shortest time. The chamber is made of stainless steel, a common material in the home. This is rust resistant and is the best for the kitchen which can sometimes get damp or wet.If you want to rate the grinding then you are probably asking what motor the disposer has got. It is a strong one with ¾ Horsepower which will give the disposer power over most of the waste foods in the kitchen. The motor makes 1725 rotations per minute which adds to its effectiveness. Forget about any jams in the system because it was made with the fulfilment of a households needs. Grinding involves two stages thereby ensuring that all the pieces are dealt with effectively.

The two stages do not in any way slow down the grinding process but rather increase speed making KitchenAid a very efficient continuous feed garbage disposal unit.With all the power, you might expect quite a noisy system but not with the KitchenAid. It has Sound Seal that helps keep away most of the noise that is produced especially from the motor. There is insulation properly done to impede sound conductance. The eventual result is a quiet kitchen even when the device is at peak performance.

Types of Garbage Disposal

In the market, you will find different types of garbage disposals. Choosing the best type is the first step towards having an effective drain age system.

  • Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal

Continuous feed operation garbage disposals allow steady flow of waste foods into the system. The blades cut through food particles and you can keep washing down more and more of it. This works fast and you can complete tasks in the shortest time.

  • Batch Feed Operation Garbage Disposal

Batch feed operation works with the same principle as continuous feed. The waste foods are ground in the same manner by the action of blades which are powered by the motor. The unit is activated when the stopper is fitted. This is why it is called batch feed operation type. The food particles are ground in several lots unlike the continuous type.

  • Dishwasher Garbage Disposal

This type of garbage disposer can be linked to a dishwasher machine so that it grinds the waste matter from the dishwasher before sending it down the drains. The disposal can also work to grind wastes from the sink.

  • Septic System Garbage Disposal

Some garbage disposals are compatible with septic system. They work with properly-sized septic tanks and can be a great addition to the entire drainage system. Currently, you can find garbage disposals that have enzyme releasing microorganisms to aid in the waste degradation process.

How to choose the right garbage disposal

If you want to have a garbage disposal in your home, make a point of getting it right from the start. Once you choose the wrong device, no matter how good you do the subsequent procedures, you will not get the desired results. There are some things you need to remember when making the decision. Once you get the basics, you will get it right. One thing you should never forget is that a garbage disposer should be chosen basing on the needs of your home.

Motor Size

When choosing the motor size that you need at home, look at how busy your kitchen drains can get. The motors come with different power starting from 1/3 to more than 1 Horsepower. A 1/3 Horsepower motor will serve a small household well but if you wash down many food wastes, then consider going for a bigger size. A ½ Horsepower motor is good for an average household but it is good to go higher if you want the fastest performance. The small motors can burn easily when the load gets too much. A ¾ Horsepower motor has the capability to work through the toughest waste foods very fast. If the household is very big, then the food wastes are equally many and the sinks can be overloaded. You need a drainage system that can stomach all these starting from a multiple bowl sink to an efficient trap. The best supplement to the system will be a big motor size. The 1 Horsepower garbage disposal is good for such big households. This can cut through the toughest wastes and works best even with a big grind chamber.

Noise Level

The motor will obviously produce noise when grinding. However, with some advancements in the field, you expect a garbage disposal to work quietly; at least quieter than the initial devices. When you are buying a garbage disposal, you are free to test it and see how loud it can get. Imagine those sounds in your kitchen. The modern disposals from different manufacturers have silencing technology that works to reduce noise levels. This mostly involves sound insulation, especially around the motor which is the source of vibrations. The presence of such additions as sink baffles and anti-vibration connection pipes makes the silencing technique more effective.

Don’t get substandard. There are garbage disposals which cannot be heard unless you listen keenly. Some start with a thud then get silent thereafter. I bet you don’t want loud noises in the kitchen so that you are shouting all over to be heard.

Stainless Steel

Bring quality in your kitchen when you buy a garbage disposal made of stainless steel parts. You’ve seen stainless steel on many kitchen appliances; the reason is its good qualities. Thematerial is rust-resistant and will last long in functional state. Look for a disposal that has stainless steel grinding components. These can withstand a lot stress and will cut through many types of waste foods. Blades made of stainless steel give a good cut and the wastes will be ground finely. This makes them pass through the pipes without causing any problems. You will not see the drain clogging anymore.

A stainless steel grind chamber is also good because it resists rusting and corrosion. However, for the chamber, other materials can be good enough. Some disposals have glass-filed nylon chambers whereas others are plastic. A grinding chamber does not need to be limited to stainless steel.

Dishwasher Attachment

Do you have a dishwasher at home? Waste water from the dishwasher can clog your pipes. You have a chance to stop this when you install a garbage disposal that is compatible with the dishwasher machine. The attachment is not complicated. It involves connection with a pipe. The wastes from the dishwasher will be flowing to the disposal first where they are ground into small particles that can be washed down the drain lines very easily. Several models on the market have an allowance for this. Avoid frequent clogs by grinding every piece of waste food from all parts of the house. If you don’t have a dishwasher today, it is still safe buying a disposal with the attachment so that when you buy one in future, all you do is make the connection and you are good to go.

Batch Feed vs. Continuous Feed

Garbage disposals can have batch feed or continuous feed operation. Batch feed disposals are those that take the wastes in ‘batches’. Foods flow in portions and are ground then the next lot comes in. The operation involves first allowing water into the disposer then the waste foods. When the stopper is fitted into the flange, the system is activated. This means that you don’t need a wall switch. The automaticity makes operation and installation very easy. Because the stopper is fitted during functioning, there will be expulsion of the wastes from the grind chamber when the disposer is running. The grinding process is slower than the continuous feed because you have to wait for one batch to be ground before you can proceed with your tasks. The difference is not so big though.

A continuous feed operation allows wastes to keep flowing into the disposal as it grinds. Here, you have to activate and deactivate the system yourself by turning the switch on and off. A continuous feed disposal completes tasks very fast because you don’t have to wait for the grinding to be completed before allowing the next lot in as is the case with batch feed. You could have some food wastes expelled from the grind chamber but a splash guard takes care of this.

You will find both types of disposals in the market. Choose the one you like although if you want to finish grinding faster, the continuous feed will work well. The quality of grinding that they produce will also depend on the motor.

Extra Features

Some additions can improve the functioning of the garbage disposal. There are those that come with splash guards which help keep the sink clean and avoid the messy situations. Removable splash guards are better because you can withdraw and make wash it then fix it back. You might also like a disposer that comes with a power cord. The cord length should be considered. Short power cords will limit you to a certain position of installation. This however goes with the presence of an electrical outlet beneath the sink. If it is not available, you will have to plug the disposer into an existing power line. The number of grinding stages affects the fineness of the grind. How easy I it to install the garbage disposer? Make sure it has easy-to-install mechanisms so that replacements can be done easily.


Your home deserves a garbage disposal unit. This will relieve the drains of frequent clogs and you won’t have to spend much on maintenance. Get one today and have it correctly installed for the best results. Read through the best garbage disposal for septic system reviews in the preceding sections to find out what is best for your home. Always remember that your home needs a unit that can handle all its wastes without strain. When buying choose according to your needs and once it is installed, you have make good use of it to give it longer life.

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