Best Home Air Purifiers 2020 (Room Purifier) – Reviews & Top Rated

Best Home Air Purifiers

Summer is approaching, and every one of us craves for fresh air in this sweltering weather. Unfortunately, you cannot always enjoy the smell of nature inside your home, especially if you are living in an urban area.

So how can you solve this problem? What is the best way to dust off all the residue floating in the air? How can you bring back the fresh feeling under your roof?

The answer lies in a home air purifier. It is a household gadget that can filter harmful particles and get rid of the unwanted odor. If you install such a machine inside your home, rest assured that your respiratory system will be taken care of!

Now, should you want to invest in an air cleaner, do not hesitate to take a look at our article. We have done our research, and we are more than eager to give you a review on the best ​room air purifiers 2020!

An In-depth Review Of The Best Home Air Purifiers 2020




​​1. Hamilton Beach Home Air Purifier - ​Best ​For ​Limited Space.

​​2. LEVOIT Air Purifier for Home - best for contemporary-style space.

​​3. Winix Air Purifier - best for expansive space.

​Editor's Rating:

​3.6 / 5

Ranked first in our list of the best home air purifiers is a product from Hamilton Beach. With nearly 3000 purchases on Amazon, this item does have its charms. Let’s explore them with us!

At first glance, Hamilton Beach home air purifier stands out thanks to its sleek design. Not only is the gadget compact and space-saving, but it also has a white coating that blends in nicely with any background.

Putting the appearance aside, you will be surprised at the efficiency of this home air purifier. With a triple filtration, Hamilton Beach ensures that pet hair, unwanted odors, and other tiny particles will be wiped away. You can now say goodbye to the fear of having an asthma attack because mildew or smoke is floating in the air!

It is also worth noting that once you purchase a Hamilton Beach product, you are not likely to spend money on a separate filter. The HEPA and pre-filter are both permanent, meaning you can save quite a lot of money from getting replacements!

But what about the noise?

Some customers have shown their concerns over the loud given by a typical air purifier, which explains Hamilton Beach’s motivation to build a noise-free machine. See for yourself how muted this item is with its ultra-quiet motor and fan.

However, you should pay attention to the manual. As it turns out, the instructions can be difficult to grasp, leading to a challenging setup process.

Besides that minor drawback, rest assured that you will feel content with this product. Hamilton Beach home air purifier deserves to be among the best, and it will not let you down!


  • ​The machine comes with three different power settings so that you can adjust the use according to your will.
  • ​The carbon zeolite layer eliminates the smell of pets inside your home.


  • ​The machine can give off dry air, which can irritate people with sensitive skin.
  • ​Potential leakage

​Editor's Rating:

​3.6 / 5

Next up on our list is a home air purifier from LEVOIT. How is it functional compared to the previous item, and why do we choose to recommend this product? Keep reading to find out!

LEVOIT promises to offer you a breathable atmosphere by removing all the harmful particles. Anything from dust to pollen will go through three stages of purification, leaving you a source of fresh and pristine air. Yay!

And do you know what is even better? Once you turn on the machine at night, it will give out a soft ray of blue light. Putting a LEVOIT air purifier on your nightstand will make a perfect combination, don’t you think?

Another exciting feature of this product is its ozone-free design. Some filters rely on ozone or ions to cleanse the air, which can disturb your well-being. LEVOIT makes sure you stay safe and sound with its sterile component.

Still, unlike the permanent filter from Hamilton Beach, LEVOIT opts for replaceable layers that should be changed every six months. This can be quite off-putting, especially if you do not want to invest much in air filtration.

In short, LEVOIT is among the best gift you can offer to anyone. It helps to clear the dusty air, and it will add a nice touch to your room!


  • ​The machine comes in round shape with a modernized design that can make a decent decorator.
  • ​The night mode of this machine allows for quiet functions.


  • ​Limited lifespan.

​Editor's Rating:

​3.6 / 5

Finally, we would like to introduce you to a “babe” from Winix: a home air purifier that has proven to be a worth-for-value purchase. So what is the magic behind this product?

The most noticeable feature of a Winix air purifier is its AOC carbon filter. The activated carbon granules make sure you will no longer have to endure the stink of pet, so no worries about your allergies. One small tip? The filter is washable.

But hold up, because Winix has more tricks up its sleeve. With an incorporated PlasmaWave, all the particles will go through a rigorous filtration process before being broken down into pieces. No toxic air emitted, everyone!

Unlike Hamilton Beach or LEVOIT, Winix has taken a step further and comes up with four power settings. You can turn on the Low and Medium if it is at night, but High and Turbo are always ready for a quick clean-up.

However, you should bear something in mind about the Turbo setting. While it can cleanse the air at a remarkable speed, it will also produce a lot of noises. But hey, everything comes with a price!

All in all, if you are looking for a high-end home air purifier, then Winix is your ideal choice. It may cost you a bit more than other competitions, but it surely lives up to the reputation.


  • ​The LED display expresses the level of air quality inside your room by giving different colors from blue to amber and red.
  • ​The Sleep Mode can detect the amount of light present inside a room and lessen the power so that you will not feel disturbed.


  • ​This machine has a bulky design, which makes it unsuitable for a small or crowded room.
  • ​With a price range exceeding $200, this product can be quite unpopular among the average customers.

In Summary

Having the best home air purifier inside your house can be of great help. Not only is it beneficial for your health, but it can improve your living standards in general.

If you are still wondering over the market of home air purifiers, we hope our article has come into handy. Feel free to bookmark it for future use or send it to your friends and families!