Best Humidifier for Bedroom 2020 – Reviews & Top Rated

Best Humidifier for Bedroom

Health care experts often recommend buying a home humidifier in winter when the air is dry. This small machine not only allows the airway to go in your throat and nose but it also provides the moisture to smoothen your skin and lips.

Hence, do not hesitate to buy a humidifier now. To save your time and effort searching here and there, we bring this best humidifier for bedroom 2020 review right at your fingertips.

Best Humidifier for Bedroom in 2020

Let’s get an insight into 4 best humidifiers in the market to figure out why and why not you should buy them for your bedroom.




​Pure Enrich MistAire Ultrasonic Humidifier - The Best Humidifier for Medium Bedroom

​Honeywell HCM350B Germ-Free - The Runner-up Humidifier for Medium Bedroom

​TaoTronics TT-AH002 - The Best Budget Humidifier for Small Room

​#1 Pure Enrich MistAire Ultrasonic Humidifier - The Best Humidifier for Medium Bedroom

​Editor's Rating:

​4.0 / 5

This compact tabletop humidifier is ideal for your medium-sized bedroom to freshen the air, making you breathe more easily and sleep soundly.

As its name suggests, the humidifier uses Ultrasonic Technology for fine water mist. Moreover, there is no hot water like other evaporative humidifiers so you can leave one in your baby room without the fear of unexpected accidents to your sweeties.

What we like the most about Pure Enrich MistAire Ultrasonic is its efficiency. The 1.5-liter tank can last up to 16 hours thanks to smart features such as the high/low-speed settings or 360-degree rotating nozzle. You can direct the mist to a specific dry place rather than wasting it on the whole room.

This humidifier is easy to fill in and clean as there is no complicated filter.

The manufacturer makes the machine even worthy by small-but-useful features. For example, the device will stop automatically in case of the low-water tank using the Automatic Shut-off function. Moreover, a night light is optional to ensure you a restful sleep.

However, getting an Ultrasonic humidifier means you might trade-off the light dust around your room as it lacks the filter of mineral scale deposits. Besides, the lightweight structure is easier for you to knock over accidentally.


  • ​Come with lightweight and efficient design
  • ​Operate quietly not to disturb your sleep
  • ​Shut off automatically when the water tank runs low.
  • ​Focus the humidity better, using the 360-degree rotating nozzle
  • ​Fill in and clean easily
  • ​Include AC power adapter, disk cleaning brush and user manual in the package


  • ​Cause the dust and mineral build-up
  • ​Easily break down under the strong effect

All in all, the Pure Enrich MistAire Ultrasonic is still an active and pocket-friendly humidifier that you should not leave out when choosing.

​#2. Honeywell HCM350B Germ-Free - The Runner-up Humidifier for Medium Bedroom

​Editor's Rating:

​3.6 / 5

Unlike the Pure Enrich MistAire Ultrasonic, the second humidifier runs on Evaporative Technology. Each unit both has its pros and cons.

In the case of Honeywell HCM-350B, the evaporative systems ensure the humidity level in the air to be between 40-60%. When the humidity gets too high, water will stop evaporating from the machine. This is both economical and good for your health and your skin.

With 1-gallon tank, equivalent to 3.5 liters of water, the humidifier can last up to 24 hours on low operations.

Even better, there are two layers of filtering to ensure the output mist is free of dust or germ. Firstly, UV technology is in place to get rid of most bacteria. Then, wicking filter boils up the water to remove mineral and other contaminants.

As a plus, the machine runs more silently than other evaporative humidifiers.

On the other hand, this humidifier might take up a lot of space in your bedroom since it is rather big. Moreover, there is neither a timer nor humidistat to monitor the humidifier at hand.


  • ​Larger tank than regular models for more extended usage
  • ​Germ-free water mist to protect your family’s health
  • ​Break-resistant tank
  • ​Quiet operation
  • ​User-friendly settings and design


  • ​Bulky size
  • ​Lack of timer, humidistat, and automatic settings
  • ​More expensive than other humidifier models, let alone the fee of filter replacement

​If you pay more attention to the clean water mist rather than the cost or size, Honeywell HCM-350B is among the best choice.

​#3. TaoTronics TT-AH002 - The Best Budget Humidifier for Small Room

​Editor's Rating:

​4.1 / 5

At a glance, the TaoTronics Humidifier is very compact. It is small in price, too. However, the functions turn out to be worth getting an insight into.

That the humidifier is very easy to use and clean makes it ideal for users who need the machine for a small bedroom or baby room. You can tell when to refill the tank by the see-through plastic shell. Even better, the alert light turns red on the low tank level and the machine will auto stop to prevent damages.

The tank capacity is about 3.5 liter and can give off 300ml mist per hour and for 10 hours of continuous operation. This is enough for your sound sleep. The filter is easy to clean and durable to save you money on frequent replacement.

Interesting enough, there is a twin 360-degree nozzle to adjust the mist in two different directions. It means you can add more humidity to your room at the same time.

Because of its small size, we do not recommend TaoTronics TT AH002 for a large room, or you might refill water very often. Also, there might be white dust during the operation, so you had better make use of distilled water.


  • ​Lightweight and easy to use
  • ​Affordable price
  • ​Split nozzles to widen the humidity coverage
  • ​Auto shut-off and red-light safety alert functions


  • ​Basic features for the small bedroom only
  • ​White dust during operation

​If your water supply is clean and you just want a user-friendly humidifier for your bedroom, the TaoTronics TT AH002 is still a good choice under budget.

​#4. Levoit LV600HH  - The Best Humidifier for Large Bedroom

​Editor's Rating:

​3.9 / 5

In case your bedroom is spacious, you will need a large machine to increase the humidity coverage over your room.

The Levoit 6L Warm and Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier is the best-picked because its tank has a massive capacity of 1.5 gallons that can give off up to 500ml mist output per hour. Despite the large size, the modern and stylish design makes this humidifier a nice addition to your room.

The best thing about Levoit LV600HH is a bunch of smart features to improve the machine’s efficiency and to make your life more comfortable.

Take the quiet operation, for example. Even on the full capacity, this humidifier gives off the 36dB of noise - the unhearable level for a human. It means you can deep in sleep on every night.

Moreover, the built-in humidity sensor shows the current humidity level right on the LED screen so that you can adjust it to the most suitable level, which should be between 40%-60%. The remote control comes along with the package so you can customize the settings at any time.

However, some users complain that the cool-mist function is not strong enough as they feel a little cooler.

Anyway, this machine is a humidifier - not an air conditioner so you can not expect it will change the overall temperature in your room.


  • ​Large tank for large bedroom
  • ​High-quality mist output
  • ​Modern and easy to handle design
  • ​Whisper-quiet operation
  • ​Expensive


  • ​Expensive
  • ​Weak cool-mist function
  • ​Leak parts (reported by some users)

​Although Levoit LV600HH might be more costly than some other standard large humidifiers, it is worth every penny with the rich features, high-quality output, and efficient operation.

Final Words

We have introduced you to the 4 best humidifiers for the bedroom, from small to large-sized ones. Have you picked your most suitable? If you need any further consultancy, feel free to leave your question right below. We will come back and help you out right away.