5 Best Led Shower Heads Reviews 2020 – Top Rated

Best LED shower head in bathrooms is popular these days as they are fun, modern and make sure to give a soothing experience in a luxury shower setting. In most cases, people may consider as a luxury shower head that emits light only but the fact is that, there other features that also provide added value for the user during the shower. These added features could be the temperature sensitivity, the massage shower settings and other features like that.

So, it is always better to consider the shower heads that feature high quality characteristics and lights that suit your expectation and provide long lasting performance as well.

To help people choose the best among the many options we have carefully sorted the LED showerheads which are perfect for today’s modern bathroom settings and make sure to provide the features most people look for:

​​Top 5 Best Led Shower Heads Reviews 2020

#1 ​PowerSpa All Chrome LED Shower Head

Definitely, the users who are looking for the LED showerheads they have a bit higher aesthetic sense because of their unique style needs in the bathroom accessories. This LED showerhead has the modern looks with chrome finishing giving it a protected shiny look to match the interior of any modern and stylish bathroom.

The best thing about the shower is that it has to change light mode that changes the color of the light after every few second giving it a unique light combination to enjoy. Furthermore, there are no batteries that are needed and the lights are powered with the help of flowing water pressure. This system is equipped with the hydro charged turbine system to support LED offering no power needs and lower maintenance while giving the best experience as a whole.

The water flow is empowered with the help of air jet design assuring that the showerhead can give better water pressure even if the flow is not enough. The pressure is stabilized with the help of 48 nozzles made up of easy to clean rubber materials that never clog and keep the flow consistent.

The settings and customization of the water-flow is easier with the help of a dial and a lever that are easy to flick and change the 4 different settings of the shower.

The installation process is easy and may not require an expert to get it installed. It also comes with 1-year warranty within the U.S.

#​2 DreamSpa Water Temperature Controlled All Chrome LED Shower-Head

Dream Spa offers perfectly design and well-made chrome shower head assuring quality and design in one go. This shower head comes with the unique features and the lasting performance that is required mostly.

The 5.25 inches showerhead allows enough shower spray to give a soothing shower to the user in a relaxing way.

This shower head not only offers the LED light experience in an exotic manner, rather the temperature controlled showerhead assure battery free lights that are controlled by the flow of the water in the shower head. So you don’t have to worry about changing or replacing batteries as this one is energy efficient and maintenance free.

The 3 different colors in the shower head offer a mix of color changing experience while the shower is on with the temperature senor for better control on the shower settings and the LED colors change with the changes in water temperature.

The shower comes with 5 different shower settings including the pulsating massage, power rain, mist, economy rain and pause option that is supported by the three zone dial for better setup and control the settings you need.

The rubber nozzles are easy to clean and make it easier to stay clog free and maintain the water flow without getting into blockage issues.

The shower comes with a limited warranty of one year and is easy to install without any need of expert installation of specialized tools.

​#3 DreamSpa 1489 AquaFan Rainfall LED/LCD Shower-Head

Innovation is at its best when you look at this color changing LED plus LCD display shower head. This shower head is no doubt an example of the latest technologies implemented in the daily accessories in the best way that is possible.

The shower head has a 12 inches head size which is made up of all-chrome materials and makes sure to match the modern interiors in any bathroom where it is being installed. The curved fan design shower head offers a wider flow with a rainfall effect for a luxurious bath.

In addition to the perfect finish and design the shower comes with no maintenance functions and requires no batteries at all as the LED and LCD are run with the help of flowing water and assure long lasting performance.

The built in water temperature senor displays the temperature on an LCD which helps in getting the right temperature level with the correct setting.

The LCD changes color as the water temperature changes and make sure you notice the changes for better and luxurious bathing experience. The blue shows cool temperature that is under 95F, RED color shows hot temperature that is 109-122F color indicates Green shows warm temperature ranging from 95-108 F.

In addition to that if you notice flashing red led light it means the water is too hot and is not reasonable to go into the shower.

The jet nozzles are made up of easy to clean rubber that does not offer clogged pores and make sure to keep them clean with easier cleaning and maintenance process.

​#4 PowerSpa 7-Color LED Shower Head Combo

There are many options that are used as shower heads today but the best ones offer customized shower experience for the users. This one is a shower head combo offering a range of shower options that make sure you enjoy your bath every time you need to relax.

This is a combo of a shower head and a handheld shower which can be used depending on the preference and convenience needs of the user.  There are around 7 different colors of LED light that consistent and gradually change as you enjoy your bathe.

The shower heads are supported by the LED system that is hydro-powered and are run by the water flow and need no batteries at all making it energy efficient and supported by the lasting performance.

For better water pressure the air jet settings make it easier to maximize the water pressure without any need of increased flow through the rubber nozzles. The rubber nozzles feature anti-clog design allowing consistent water flow and easy cleaning for easier maintenance as well.

The shower head features a 4 inches face assuring that it will provide a full body coverage during the shower. The 4 different settings allow easy adjustment between rain shower, massage, pause mode, rain and massage settings.

In addition to these features the shower head also offer water diversion with a three ways diverter and the easy angle settings as well as anti-swivel nut for locking the angle.

There is a 5 foot shower hose that features SS materials and solid brass nuts for lasting performance and rust resistant construction.

Overall the shower head combo delivered the best features that anyone may need to look for.

​#5 ELLO&ALLO LED Stainless Steel Shower Panel Tower System shower Head

This is rather more than just a shower head as the complete rainfall/waterfall shower system comes with the unique design. Stainless steel construction and shiny finish of the panel tower offers classy finish and design for the today’s modern bathroom interior needs.

This is a perfect accessory for bathroom where you need a full set of shower features with lasting performance and least maintenance needs as the body and the jets are fingerprint free and make sure to sustain the shine without getting affected by the frequent usage. The overhead shower head features LED light along with the temperature display for customized and relaxing shower as you can select the temperature easily by knowing the exact temperature of the water.

The system includes the variable water outlet switches to offer a range of multiple shower combinations and adjustable nozzles in case if you need a mist massage or other shower options as per your needs.

Depending on the pressure of the water the functions can be used and allow to give around 2 different functions in one go. There is a 2-year limited warranty to back the parts of the shower in case if there is a need for replacement.

Tips for choosing the best LED shower

For choosing the best-LED shower head, you may consider following things as the most important points:

  • Look for the shower head with LED function that comes with a water-run power system and may not require a separate battery or power source. As a fact we have carefully introduced all the options which offer battery free LED operations.
  • You may look for the simple LED light in the shower head or there could be temperature controlled shower head with LED that changes with water temperature. This helps in knowing the temperature quick and easy.
  • Look for the temperature level LCD display if you are looking for precise water temperature control.
  • Chrome finishing and stainless steel construction always offers lasting performance as well as the reflective surface for better light effect. Make sure you don’t get a dimmed shower head surface.
  • In addition to these features, you should not ignore having easier installation features, better shower control and water flow settings, durability, angle setting for easier and luxurious showering experience.

Overall we have tried our best to review the top rated LED shower head that you can find on the market today. These offer unique LED light features as well as better water pressure to let the user enjoy the bathing time at its best. It is better not to miss out the LED shower heads that offer a coordinated system for temperature indication which is surely helpful for better temperature control while taking bath. Hopefully, you can now find the best LED shower here, without any doubts in your mind.