5 Best Rain Shower Head Reviews 2020

Every one of us enjoys the rain and when there is a shower head that delivered soft, continuous rain shower supply then it becomes even more soothing and enjoyable without any trouble at all. Buying the best rain shower head 2020 is the best thing you could do if you are looking for renovating your shower system or just looking to replace a shower head to get an awesome feel during the bath. Switching to the shower head you need is easier if you could find the best match with the kind of water flow you prefer.

To help out in selecting the one that delivers the most reasonable and continuous flow of water in the form of a continuous soothing rain shower, here are five of the best recommendation found on the market today:

For a rain shower to deliver the exact water flow that mimics the raining drop, it may be essential that the shower head should be wider than the average shower head width. This Moen dual function shower head with rain shower effect offers an 8-inch shower head with a 2.5 gallons per minute water flow for a continuous, consistent and soothing rain shower.

The chrome plated design gives it a modern look that suits most of the shower settings and accessories in the bathroom. In addition to that, the plating helps in avoiding the rusting issues and scale formation as well.

The immersion technology makes it easier to offer more powerful spray throw for an equal rinsing effect throughout the body without exceeding the limit creating the perfect rain effect the users look for in such shower heads.

The water flow is adjustable and you can easily switch between full spray and concentrated spray with the help of a flip switch.

The shower head suits the ½ thread arm of showers. The shower heads come with a lifetime warranty assuring long-lasting performance and convenience of use for the users.

Vida Alegra rain shower head offers an 8-inches shower head with wider and better water flow and makes sure to offer a rain shower effect in a consistent manner.  The shower head offers a gentle rainfall to give you an exact rainy effect to soothe your muscles and get the perfect rinsing water throw all over your skin.

The evenly distributed water droplets make it feel better and help in relaxing muscles. There are 144 jet nozzles made up of silicone that makes it easier to de-clog and require no extra attention to keep it rust free as it avoids scale and rust in an effortless manner.

The shower head comes with a 3 years unconditional warranty for better performance and use. The shower head is a bit heavier so it may need the specified shower arm to make sure it keeps working as expected.

It offers simple yet very easy to use three spray types to select from that can be switched easily so that you get the kind of shower you have been looking for. Though it is also available in 5 spray model if you are looking for a handheld spray shower as well.

The chromed construction and well-designed shower head make it easier to get an even and well-distributed water flow that helps in getting the rain shower effect in a more reliable way.

A sturdy, reliable shower head with the rainfall effect is all you need for a luxurious, consistent, relaxing shower. This WantBa rainfall wall mount shower head makes sure to provide the best rainfall shower effect that makes the user feel soothed and calm while giving perfect rinsing power to rinse through the dirt on your skin.

The 8- inch wide shower head allows a thorough and widespread shower effect that provide perfect spread for better rain shower feel and make it easier to enjoy the consistent flow of water without any issues.

The comforting spray relaxes the muscles and keeps it enjoyable for the user. The overall chromed look helps in complimenting the accessories in the bathroom while giving it a perfect look.

There are 157 jets to allow better flow, consistent water delivery, and a great rainfall spread for a luxurious feel.

The rubber nozzles do not clog and can be cleaned with just simple wipe-away action so it would not rust, or get clogged by the waterborne lime scales.

The metal ball allows easy and smooth swivel action to set the angles easily and avoid leakage as well. The shower head offers 2.5 GPM to make it compliant with the USA plumbing requirements.

All in all the shower head offers a soothing rainfall with better spread and long lasting performance in a reliable way.

This is a wider, better and more advanced shower head that comes in a square shape with a 10-inch broadhead. The width of the shower assures that the user will be able to get a full-body coverage with the continuous rain shower flowing on the head.

It is easy to mount and install and comes with a 5-year warranty so that you have peace of mind when you have this shower head installed in your bathroom.

The air energy process used in the shower head make sure to offer consistent and reliable rain shower without any interruption even if there is not enough water pressure in the plumbing line. The shower head maintains a good water flow with the help of its unique air energy technique.

The sleek design and brushed stainless steel look assure that the shower head will complement any bathroom setting with a modern look. It also makes sure that the shower head would stay rust free and is corrosion resistant as well.

The silicone made nozzles are capable of resisting rust and dirt particles making it easier to clean and keep water flowing at a consistent speed.

With a perfect design, components and long-lasting performance, this shower head offers a luxurious rainfall shower at your ease.

This rain shower is more than just a shower head rather it is a complete system that allows the users to enjoy the perfect rainfall shower while inside their bathroom.  This system includes the perfectly designed 304 SS rain shower head to offer raining effect. In addition to that, there is a 40 cm solid made brass arm as well.

The sleek and modern design is supported by the well-structured concealed bracket to allow easier and better mounting process along with the pressure balancing mixer valve made up of solid brass material. The set up offers easier water mixing option and consistent shower flow that is needed.

The l-shaped shower head comes with the 5 years warranty for better and easier use without any worries. Chrome plating offers corrosion resistant construction and makes sure the shower head stays in its best state for a long period of time.

The air energy technology keeps the water flow constantly with a unique raining effect whereas the water balance valve makes sure you get the perfectly balanced water temperature and pressure without any fluctuation for a luxurious bath whenever you need.

​Buying guide for choosing the best rain shower head

For the best rain shower head 2020, the thing you have in your mind is to get the raining effect in the shower with a spread you would enjoy while bathing. But there are some other things you must look for and compare before you get the right rain shower head. Some of the important aspects are as follows:

  • For a rain shower head, it is important to note how wide it is. Most of the high-end luxury rain shower head offers a width range from 8 inches to 12 inches wide. It is better to notice if the selected one has the capability to maintain the pressure of the water with the given width of the shower head.
  • You may also notice if the shower head comes with the silicone nozzles because such nozzles allow consistent and unclogged holes to deliver the perfect raining effect and if they are not made of silicone this may hinder the water flow and may lower the pressure causing a disturbance in the shower flow.
  • Consider the installation procedure. If the shower head is easy to install than it is the best thing to have for you.
  • Look for chromed or platted shower head because these are corrosion resistant and offer long-lasting performance.
  • Check for the GPM value and water flow or thrust to see if it offers enough water pressure or has the capability to maintain the water flow even if there is some lower pressure supply in the plumbing lines.

Despite the fact that rain shower heads are wider or broader, they are still designed to offer consistent water pressure for a reliable rinsing capability for the users. Here we have discussed some of the best options available for the users today.  You must make your choice based on the width, the water pressure stability and durability of the shower head so that you don’t have to worry about these issues later on.