5 Best Reciprocating Saw 2020 – Reviews & Top Rated

Best Reciprocating Saw

A reciprocating saw is a machine that uses a push-and-pull principle to provides the desired cuts. The user can hold or leave the saw’s “foot” on the cutting surface to control it when processing. Each model of reciprocating saw has a specific speed that is controlled through a dial on both sides.

The below sections will give the essential background and guide to select the best reciprocating saw for your demand.

​Top 5 Best Reciprocating Saws 2020



​#1: DeWalt DCS387B Reciprocating Saw – Best for general types of works

​#2: Porter-Cable 20V Reciprocating Saw – best for home site’s woodworking

​#3: DeWalt DWE305 Reciprocating Saw – best for heavy-duty tasks

​#4: Milwaukee Reciprocating Saw – best for your budget

​#5: SKIL Reciprocating Saw – best for DIY projects


​DeWalt DCS387B Reciprocating Saw – Best for general types of works

DeWalt is the most well-known manufacturer of construction equipment. They offered many models of reciprocating saws for years. What are the differences between the DCS387B and other models?

The most typical difference is the size. DCS387B is more compact in terms of size and structure. It is 14.5 inches long, which is small enough to fit between the studs. The structure of the saw is ergonomically designed for the most comfortable using experience.

Moreover, DCS387B offers a pivoting shoe that utilizes each blade before it’s worn, so you don’t need any tool to change the blade. There is also a variable-speed adjuster to change up to four different positions.

However, we wish that the manufacturer could give the customer some spare blades or carry case. It is quite inconvenient when we need you to purchase extra blade after a period of using.


  • ​Lightweight
  • ​A well-designed and comfortable-to-use handle
  • ​Blade speeds of about 2,900 strokes per minute
  • ​4 options for speed adjusting


  • ​DeWalt does not provide any spare blade.

​Overall, the DeWalt DCS387B is worth-to-purchase equipment. It is a reciprocating saw that can please from beginners to experts in most woodworking projects.


​Porter-Cable 20V Reciprocating Saw – best for home site’s woodworking

After experimenting, we can state that Porter-Cable 20V Reciprocating saw is lightweight but ultimately effective. Its drivetrain delivers a cutting length of 1” and speed of up to 3000 spm.

Porter-Cable saw has gained many positive reviews due to its innovation. It has a compact design that can reach tight spaces at a length of 14.5”.  There is also a variable-speed setting which controls the cutting speed for a variety of materials’ handling.

One main drawback is that this saw may not be ideal for long-period heavy duty tasks. It is reasonable since the function coverage is clearly stated in “production information”.


  • ​Comes with a powerful motor
  • ​Has a state-of-the-art and effective design
  • ​Offers a variable speed trigger


  • ​Cannot handle the heavy-duty tasks for a long time

​The Porter-Cable 20V reciprocating saw is a modern and effective machine saw in general. We strongly recommend it for serious consideration if you are searching for a reciprocating saw to work at the home site.


​DeWalt DWE305 Reciprocating Saw – best for heavy-duty tasks

We can say, DeWalt DWE305 is a fighter. This reciprocating saw will power through any mission that you throw at it. With a maximum speed of 2,900 strokes per minute, it can handle all types of heavy-duty construction.

In detail, we have put a test on DWE305 with different materials such as plastic, metal, wood, and rubber. With an ultimate blade speed and long stroke, it slides through all these materials with one deep cut.

For the design, it is lightweight at about 8 lbs. The handle is covered with rubber for comfortable holding and vibration reducing. The level of comfort is extremely high with this model compared to others.

However, similar to DCS387B model, it should come with a spare blade.


  • ​Lightweight
  • ​Impressive blade speed and stroke length
  • ​A 3-year warranty
  • ​A powerful motor for handling any kinds of large site projects


  • ​It does not come with spare blades.

​In the end, DeWalt DWE305 is still our top pick for construction site projects. Even if you are a beginner or an expert, DWE305 is still a reliable saw that can handle all your workload.


​Milwaukee Reciprocating Saw – best for your budget

From our point of view, Milwaukee is a reputable brand of power tool products. In 2020, Milwaukee had claimed that their reciprocating saws would be more powerful, have longer stroke length, be easier to use, and be more affordable.

Did they accomplish that promise? Yes, they did.

There is a counterweight that reduces the handle’s vibration. Notably, the saw has an internal clutch mechanism. It will protect the motor and gears from external impacts. This innovation can lengthen the saw’s longevity to last longer than other models.

Besides all of these benefits, wa have to say that the Milwaukee model does not come with the most powerful motor. Usually, many reciprocating saws on the market have 15-amp motor, whereas, the 12-amp one of Milwaukee will reduce the productivity if you use it for the heavy-duty projects.


  • ​An affordable price
  • ​A counterweight for minimizing the noise
  • ​An internal clutch for protecting the machine


  • ​The motor is not so powerful for heavy-duty tasks

​If you are on a tight budget, Milwaukee reciprocating saw is a perfect product for you. Although the product comes with a low price, it still contains some of the most outstanding upgrades that the more expensive ones do not have.


​SKIL Reciprocating Saw – best for DIY projects

We have to admit that the SKIL reciprocating saw is our least favorite in this list. It is only processed by a 7.5 amp motor, which is not even half of the other models. Hence, the device is not sufficient for intensive construction works. And a common mistake like the above manufacturers, SKIL does not give the customer any spare blade.

However, it still has some improvements. Its speed adjuster allows the user to change the speed settings quickly. There is also a counterbalance to reduce vibration. 

The most noticeable benefit is that it comes with the lowest price on the market, which is reasonable for a fair power motor.


  • ​The cheapest reciprocating saw
  • ​An advanced speed setting
  • ​A counterbalance to reduce the noise


  • ​Low in motor’s power

​In general, SKIL reciprocating saw is still a worth-every-penny saw for those needing an average power saw to handle household or DIY projects.

And the winner is

In the end, we would like to give the crown of the best reciprocating saw to the DeWalt DCS387B. Why? Because the unit is almost perfect from the design to the performance. It can handle every type of woodworking projects, and DeWalt always has its ways to innovate the models.

What is your most favorite reciprocating saw? Comment below and share your experience with us. And stay tuned our next review.