5 Best Riding Lawn Mower 2020 – Reviews & Top Rated

Best Riding Lawn Mower

The garden is the face of a house. How your garden look like will estimate the character of the owner. So if you have a messy yard, people will suppose that you are a lazy person lacking the element of elegance.

That’s why you should make your mower as clean as possible. It's excellent if you grow some colorful flowers on it. 

However, taking care of a garden is always a tiresome and hard job. It also makes your weekend worst when you just want to lie on the bed after a hard-working week.

How about using a riding lawn mower to make the garden work more attractive and convenient.

Not sure which one  is considered to be a quality-product on the market now? You can check the list of the best riding lawn mower below.

Top 5 Best Riding Lawn Mower ​2019


Troy-Bilt 382cc - Best for Big Garden

A large yard is not a big problem for Troy-Bilt 382cc due to the powerful 382cc, and OHV engine can make enough energy to cover a massive area.

Why is this device a perfect choice for a large yard? It’s because it can handle the energy for a long-time process, even more than 1 hour due to the help of dual-circuit alternator. 

Have you ever wanted to draw a big smiley face on your garden? Guess what, with an outstanding 30-inch blade on 5-position cutting height, you can trim the grass down to a desirable height and satisfy your thirst for art.

Sometimes, you may feel tired as sitting on the chair for hours to clean your garden. It seems uncomfortable. So, the manufacturer has designed an adjustable chair, so you can fix the suitable form when you get annoyed.

It’s a powerful and user-friendly machine, but the handle used to switch between forward & reverse is loose for some reason.If it makes you move hardly, you have to fix by using heavy-duty super glue.


  • ​Can handle the medium, large area
  • ​Comfortable seat with adjustable chair
  • ​Fast charging thanks to dual circuit alternator
  • ​Shaped 30-inch blade for gardening a large area


  • ​Unstable switching handle

​Ariens 915223 - Best Comfortable

Ariens 915233 bring you the most comfort in a high-backed seat with extra padded armrest. You can ride it for many hours without getting tired

If you feel annoyed about the sound of the engine, then Arienes 915233 again bring you some peace and silence thanks to the Kawasaki engine.

This device also comes with three directions control arm, allowing you to adjust the arm and easily flip the lever.

But the most outstanding feature that brings the user the comfortable in working is the hydrostatic-gear transmission. This transmission has the same operation as in the automatic car; the user doesn’t need to take a change gears to adjust the speed.

Although this machine is not of commercial grade, with its sturdiness, high-quality engine and 52-inch cutting deck, the Ariens 915233 might is close to, if not on par with a commercially graded mower..

However, the automatic hydrostatic-gear transmission consume more gas than expected, which is a waste of energy and not very environmental friendly.


  • ​High-backed seat
  • ​Tranquility with the quiet engine
  • ​Easy to ride with the hydro-gear transmission


  • ​Quite expensive
  • ​Very gas-consuming

​Husqvarna Z254 - Best Zero Turn Mower

Different from the lawn tractors above, the Husqvarna z254 is a zero-turn mower.

Okay, so what is the difference exactly?

Most lawn mowers use the steering wheel to control the movement similar to driving a car. For a zero turn mower, you will manage the device through two switches that allow you to turn 180 degrees around the deck.

These features increase the ability to mow the lawn into a new level, because you can turn around 180 degrees continuously to make sure that the grass has been trimmed down completely. 

Plus, the 54-inch blade combined with the 26HP Kohler engine makes the work faster and more effective. Typically, a Husqvarna Z254 can handle 2.8 acres for just an hour, so it saves you more valuable time.

This machine is not only high-efficiency, but the Husqvarna also provides the user with the best comfort at work. The seat with the 15-inch height and the ergonomically designed one helps protect your lumbar from being tired.

Plus, there are many fantastic accessories on the machine, such as the hour meter to check the time, and an even cup holder. What a pretty cool extra gift from the manufacturer.

But the highlighted one that can satisfy most of the user is the fan-cooled 10cc pump, allowing the device can cut down the grass on the uneven terrain with ease.

However, the blade is not sharp enough to deal with thick grass efficiently. You have to ride over the thick-grass area for at least twice normally.


  • ​Effective zero-turn mower
  • ​Easy to control
  • ​Easily run on the uneven terrain


  • ​Hardly deal with thick grass

​Husqvarna YTH24V48 - Best Durability

Husqvarna YTH24V48 is supposed to be one of the most excellent durable riding lawn mowers on the market.

This device can work up to 5 acres continuously on the uneven terrain or flat areas without being overloaded. This outstanding productivity comes from the help of the powerful 540cc Brigg and Stratton V-twin Intek engine.

Plus, Husqvarna YTH24v48 can work properly on every season's thanks to the help of many cool attachments such as the moss rake, snow blade or trailer. Now it can mow the lawn even in the snowing day without any trouble.

You can see that it can handle the uneven terrain and seasonal impact easily, so what about the thick grass?

The 48-inch reinforced steel deck combines with the 14 gauge welded, making this machine become a monster. It can mount the high thick grass for just one ride.

If your workhouse doesn’t have many spaces, then Husqvarna YTH248V8 is an excellent choice. The manufacturer produces this machine a compact size, which is also perfect for a medium-sized lawn.

 Unfortunately, the operation of the height adjustment is pretty tricky for new users. So please read the instructions carefully before operating this machine unless you want to take it to the maintenance soon.


  • ​High durability
  • ​Powerful engine
  • ​Compact size
  • ​Suitable for every season


  • ​Quite difficult height adjustment

​Husqvarna MZ61 61 in - Best for Uneven Terrain

Your area isn’t flat enough for most riding lawn mowers to handle properly? Then you should take a look at Husqvarna MZ61 61 inch.

The rough terrain is not a big problem for this device due to the powerful Brigg & Stratton engine. This engine can reach 8.5 mph (mile per hour), providing enough speed to come across rugged surface.

The 61-inches dual fabricated steel deck brings the user a vast cutting dimension. So if you have to work at the slope surface, the lawn is still cut down without any trouble.

Besides, the manufacturer also cares about the clients' safety a lot; you have to disengage the mower deck to start the engine. This brilliant operation helps you to stay away from unexpected damage comes from the sharpened blade system.

However, many users have complained that there are too many accessories requiring Husqvarna MZ61 to have more maintenance than other products.

So you have to spend more valuable time maintaining the system if you want to keep this device work properly for a long time.


  • ​Handle uneven terrain
  • ​Safety operating system
  • ​Remove grass in slope surface easily


  • ​Require high rate of maintenance

Wrapping up

Now it’s time to pick one product from the list of best riding lawn mower above to decorate your garden. Your house is more eye-catching if you always have a clean lawn.

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