5 Best Self Propelled Lawn Mower 2020 – Reviews & Top Rated

Best Self Propelled Lawn Mower

You find your lawn mowing unenjoyable and inefficient. So why don’t you make use of the best self-propelled lawnmower?

They are ideal for reducing your fatigue while working and bringing more energy to getting the job well-done.

Below are the top 5 best-selling and expert-recommended models we’ve searched. They come in both entry-level and advanced types. If you get ready to shop, then keep reading!



​Honda HRR216K9VKA 3-in-1 with Auto Choke

​Greenworks PRO 21-Inch 80V MO80L00

​Snapper XD 82V SXD21SPWM82K

​Troy-Bilt TB330 12AKC3A3766

​Lawn-Boy 17732 Gross Torque Kohler XTX OHV


​Honda HRR216K9VKA 3-in-1 with Auto Choke - Best Overall

Let’s start with the first product! This Honda HRR216K9VKA is a smart drive model contrary to many other lawnmowers.

With micro-cut twin blades, this gas-powered item is good at creating finely chopped cuttings for your mulching tasks.

Another thing that impresses us is the 3-in-1 model with a powerful motor. It allows you to mulch directly, gather the cuttings in a bag, or blow them out of the side.

One more addition is its adjustable mowing height. Different levels are ranging from 1⅛ inches to 4 inches, which gives you lots of flexibility while working.

​With adjustable speeds, it will let you choose the proper level for high precision in the flat areas by squeezing the handles.

However, it may struggle on uneven areas with obstacles, which is hardly a significant issue. You can control to let it cut grass uphill more easily, too.


  • ​Easy controlling and starting
  • ​Ultra-fine and powerful cuts
  • ​Robust rear-wheel drive
  • ​Trademark durability
  • ​Plenty of horsepower
  • ​Leaving no traces on your lawn and requiring no follow-ups


  • ​Slight struggles on uneven ground

This item is ideal for most average homeowners who need a long-lasting lawn mower for mowing, mulching, and bagging.


​Greenworks PRO 21-Inch 80V MO80L00 - Runner up

Coming second, the MO80L00 model from Greenworks brand is another excellent one. This cordless device runs on 80-Volt Li-ion batteries that are rechargeable.

Plus, its convenient battery compartment will let you insert the battery quickly. On a single charge, the battery can run continuously for around 65 minutes.

Another ingenious function is its load-sensing technology. It can adjust the battery power according to the required power for trimming. This process will save energy and offer cleaner cuts.

This model also has 7 seperate levels of adjustable lever. It will enable your cutting at different heights.

Meanwhile, the plastic tires with a rubber grip outside will ensure ideal grip when working.

​The slight problem is that you have to buy the compatible charger and batteries separately.


  • ​Vertical storage
  • ​Large wheels for easy maneuver
  • ​Being environmental-friendly
  • ​Being button-powered
  • ​Brushless motor
  • ​Good warranty


  • ​Not including batteries and charger

If you have a half acres of lawn and need a powerful self-propelled mower with less recharges, this GreenWorks model will be a great option.


​Snapper XD 82V SXD21SPWM82K - Best for Larger Yards

Let’s continue with Snapper’s latest creation called SXD21SPWM82K, a walk-behind self-propelled mower.

This cordless unit features a safety function. The blade lever will release and disengage the engine when needed, which makes the blade stop spinning.

The foldable handle also helps with storage issue more than the fixed handles of ordinary chunky mowers. What's more, we appreciate the quiet operation as well as clean cuts without exhaust fumes blowing in our faces.

It will assist you in mowing uneven land as well. There is no need to worry about running out of power since the smart battery management controls separate power sources.

While operating, it will dial down power output to help conserve battery lifespan. In the case of cutting thick weeds, the load sensor system will increase power output to make work better.

On the downside, the price tag is higher than others. We also find the bag of this device small, and you may have to stop to empty it. It would have been better if the bag has more volume.


  • ​Quick and quiet operation
  • ​Flexible design
  • ​Variable height options
  • ​Not much-required maintenance 
  • ​Convenient storage
  • ​Strong brushless motor


  • ​Small clippings bag
  • ​A bit expensive

This item can maintain a constant speed on any rough terrain and slopes. No matter what purpose you want to achieve, you will end up with a neat finish.


​Troy-Bilt TB330 12AKC3A3766 - Best for Small-Medium Yards

The Troy-Bilt TB330 is another perfect option we would like to introduce to all of you guys today.

This item is powerful enough to handle all lawn mowing tasks with ease. Featuring 8-inch high wheels, it works well in hilly terrains, too.

Thanks to the speed control, you can improve traction and adjust the device’s speed to different levels with high precision.

Notably, its Ready Start function is also a great bonus. This unique sensor will help the Briggs & Stratton engine of the device to start quickly and to improve fuel efficiency.

It also comes with a full cutting deck, a useful rake bumper, and a special blade for more elegant cuts. The integrated deck washing system will enable easy cleaning and enhance your product’s lifespan.

​We suppose that the instruction manual is not apparent at showing how to adjust the mowing height. It should be more user-friendly for beginners to understand. Using plastic levers sometimes makes users uncomfortable


  • ​Tri-action cutting system
  • ​Deck height adjustment
  • ​Long warranty
  • ​Rear-wheel drive for extra power, maneuverability, and control
  • ​Powerful engine
  • ​Sturdy wheels for moving smoothly on rough spots


  • ​Manual sometimes needs a little bit deciphering
  • ​Plastic levers may bring an uncomfortable feeling

It is a perfect mower for newbies who needs an all-around machine for all aspects of mowing.


​Lawn-Boy 17732 Gross Torque Kohler XTX OHV - Best budget

The final candidate in our list is the Lawn-Boy 17732 model. Designed for easy controls and improved traction, this machine will give you an incredible mowing experience.

The perfect combination of the OHV Kohler engine and superior blade system will help bring a commendable job.

Besides, it creates little noise compared to many other gas-powered products. It is also CARB-compliant, which makes it easy for being shipped to California.

In addition to a 21-inch cutting deck, there is a two-point height adjuster system which will let you adjust the appropriate cutting height.

The tri-cut blade system will help to perform smooth and cleaner cuts over hilly areas, or wet grass.

​The drawback is that your product may struggle against grass with a height of two inches or over. Assembly is also time-wasting, and the collection bag may become saggy after a long time of use.


  • ​Being budget-friendly
  • Steel construction
  • ​Handling corners well
  • ​No oil change needed
  • ​Button-pushing startup
  • ​Good warranty
  • ​Sturdy wheels for moving smoothly on rough spots


  • ​Struggling against exceptionally tall grass
  • ​Requiring an amount of time for assembly
  • ​Saggy collection bag

It is perfect for your small businesses and homes. You can make use of it on flat, hilly, wet, or sandy terrain.

​Final word

They are top 5 best self-propelled lawn mower for your light and heavy-duty mowing tasks.

So which one is the best? We find it a bit hard to answer this question. Each of them comes with exclusive features, which makes them accessible in the recent market.

In this case, we still prefer the Honda HRR216K9VKA 3-in-1 model. Coming from a reputable brand, it bears a real value, reliable performance, and longevity, which will be worth your investment.

Either way, we hope our reviews will help you select the right one for your yard works. Don’t forget to give it a share now! Many thanks!