5 Best Shower Head Filter for Hard Water Reviews 2020

Have you experienced how Hard water effects on you? In areas where the water supply offers hard water, people can experience frequent plumbing issues, repeated sanitary attachment replacements, hair skin and nail issues or brittleness and all such problems. To avoid all these problems and get a healthy shower, using the best shower head filter for hard water 2020 supply could be the best solution for your safety and health as well.

There are showers that come up with shower head filters offering minimum to the maximum level of filtration capabilities. Though some work great while removing impurities and other dust and dirt particles, you need to look for those which offer hard water component removal or that provide water softening filtration process to keep you away from the effects of hard water.

To assist our readers in the best way, we have carefully picked and sorted a list of 5 of the best shower head filters for hard water here:

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This one is a complete set consisting of a shower head that is designed for wall mounted shower settings and contains the filtration system that is perfect to get rid of the hard water components. This assures that with this shower head you can get rid of the hard water effects by removing the components from the water flow and gives out the quality of water that keeps your hairs and skin safe from getting damaged.

The shower head meets the EPA certification standard and offers 2 gallons per minute that are safe for the skin and make sure you get a soothing shower.

The shower comes with the rubber spray nozzles making sure it would not rust or get clogged by the water deposits or rust. In addition to that, the 5 5 different types of spray settings make it easier for the user to select the shower spray that is the best for their use.

The water filtration cartridge is WHR-140 making sure it filters out the sulfur and chlorine components from the water making its composition safe and soft for the users. The filtration cartridge works well for 6 months giving the best quality soft water you need.

The bacteriostatic bacteria removal filter setup removes bacteria from the water making it even healthier. The shower head is tested using NSF and ANSI standards for a trustworthy performance. It is easy to install and need no extra tools to get it mounted.

This shower head filtration system makes sure to offer high-quality soft water no matter if you have a hard water supply in your showers. The coconut shell carbon along with the copper zinc mix make sure to reduce the level of chlorine and other harmful components like lead, iron, mercury, hydrogen sulfide, herbicides, and pesticides.

 By reducing the harsh chemicals from the water coming in the shower, it helps in reducing the skin and hair problems by giving a soft-rinsing solution to keep you healthy and safe.

The 5 ft. shower wand helps in using the shower head easily for cleaning pets and giving a shower to little kids. In addition to that, the multiple massage settings make sure you get a soothing massage with the shower flow coming consistently and flawlessly for better and relaxed shower experience.

The long-lasting filtration system gives out 10,000 gallons of fresh water so that you get quality without any extra expenditure with ease.

 The system is easy to install and let you get it fixed quickly with almost no tools or complicated process required.

This one is another water filtration system from Aquasana deluxe water filter system and allows better filtration and an active removal of the harsh and damaging components from the water for making it safe for the user by improving the overall quality of the water.

The shower comes with the filtration setup that is designed to offer coconut shell carbon and a mix of copper zinc for an active and efficient removal of iron, hydrogen sulfide, pesticides, and herbicides, lead, mercury and choline components.

All these components are harsh on the skin and may damage if they are supplied in the shower. The filtration system that is included in the Aquasana shower heads effectively removes the particles so that the water quality is improved and the water has softer and better effect on the skin to keep it moisturized and undamaged.

The massaging shower head allows soothing shower effect for a relaxed showering with soft and clean water that is free of all hazardous compounds. The filter lasts up to 10,000 gallon of water which is almost 6 months of usage meaning that there would be no need to change the cartridge frequently.

The water filter comes with a massaging shower head that assures a soft and soothing effect on the skin while keeping it safe from getting affected by hazardous compounds. The unique water filtration system assures removal of matter that may reduce the quality of the water. The special formulation of KDF-55 filtration medium makes it easier to remove almost 90 percent of the chlorine from the water coming in the shower.

By improving the overall quality of the water through effective filtration system the shower assures better and moisturized soft skin and healthier, shinier hairs as well. The filter lasts for up to 6 to 9 months or it can filter out up to 25000 gallons of water for a long-lasting and efficient performance.

The shower head is well designed to offer chlorine filtration and destabilization for an environmentally friendly effect that makes it easier to convert the harmful chlorine into harmless components with the use of KDF that converts the chlorine into safer compounds.

The shower filtration system meets the NFS standard 177 for a better chlorine removal system that keeps the environment and the user safe from getting harmed.

AquaBliss is surely a well-known brand offering a range of high-end shower heads and filtration system for improved water quality and better user experience as well.

The filtration system actively removes the heavy harmful metals like mercury, nickel, and chromium which are usually found in hard water. In addition to that, it also removes chlorine which is also commonly found in the hard water supply.

In addition to this, the growth of bacteria, algae, fungi, mold and scale formation is also inhibited through the proper filtration system.

Hard water causes itching and dryness on skin and hairs making it damaged and brittle. Whereas through the use of a proper filtration system it helps in keeping the skin moisturized and give better hair and skin health.

The perfect combination of KDF 55, activated carbon compound and calcium sulfite make sure to filter harmful elements in hot as well as cold water shower flow. It is easy to install and make it easier to replace the cartridge whenever needed.

Buying guide for the shower head filter for hard water

For hard water removal, the shower heads have to be equipped with the certain type of filtration system that is capable to combat the most common yet most harmful hard water components that include lead, chlorine, sulfides, and mercury as well as other components that could affect the quality of the water. The filters should be capable of removing impurities and provide soft water that keeps the user away from hair and skin damages as well.

The following considerations should be kept in mind:

  • Make sure the water filtration system consists of multi-level filtration assuring that dirt, dust, rust, chlorine, sulfides and other metal components will be removed effectively.
  • It is better to make sure that the cartridge that is used in the water filtration system, it also improves the quality of water by discouraging the growth of molds, bacteria, and viruses, as well as fungi and algae, are not supported in them.
  • Having rubber nozzles keep the shower head in good condition by avoiding rust and scale formation in the nozzles.
  • You may also make sure that the filtration cartridge in your shower head is capable of delivering a continuous level of quality in water for months to come. Most of the high-quality shower heads with the filtration system meant for hard water treatment offer 6-8 months of cartridge life that is enough for keeping you worry-free.
  • The size and applicability of the shower head and the filtration should not be ignored as well because if the cartridge does not fit in your shower head or of the whole system and the shower head is not adjustable or cannot be installed on the shower then it could create an issue or cause loss of money as well.

Here we have discussed a combination of shower head and filtration systems that are available for hard water treatment and promise the users to deliver soft water by removing harmful components. You must notice that most of these shower heads of filters offer an active removal of metal, chlorine and sulfide components that assure a better quality of water.

In addition to that through filtration when these elements are removed these may also be treated to offer an environmentally friendly solution as well. For this purpose, the filtration system in Rainshow’r shower head also offers KDF filtration making it easier to convert the chlorine into more soluble and safer compounds to keep the environment safe as well.

So it is better to select the one that not only cares for you to get soft, high-quality water flow it should be safe for the environment also.