Best Warm Mist Humidifiers 2020 – Top Rated & Reviews

Helping to ease the tension of dry air breath and reduce snoring, asthma attacks, and dust allergies, a warm mist humidifier must be one of the irreplaceable home appliances when winter comes, and when the snow starts falling outdoors.

However, if you are new to the warm mist humidifier market, a wide variety of models available might make it a challenging task to choose the best one that works for your rooms.

The followings are our list of the best warm mist humidifiers 2020. We hope that you will find it informative!

​Top 3 Best Warm Mist Humidifier 2020




​Vicks V745 1-Gallon Warm Mist Humidifier

​Honeywell HWM705B Filter-Free Warm Moisture Humidifier

​LEVOIT LV600HH Warm and Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier for Large Room

​Editor's Rating:

​3.6 / 5

If you are looking for the most affordable humidifier for medium and large rooms; then the Vicks 1-Gallon Warm Mist Humidifier is your best bet.

This unit by Vicks can work well in a lot of areas. Whether they are your kids’ bedrooms, baby nurseries, bedrooms, or any places that need cough and congestion relief, Vicks VapoSteam can provide medicated vapors.

That way, you can purchase this product and live in a bacteria-free atmosphere.

It comes with two-speed options, which are a high-speed setting and a low one. The high one can operate for from 8 to 9 hours while the lower one can keep it running for approximately 19 or 20 hours.

Among a handful of excellent features, which makes the Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier stands out is the ability to automatically shut off.

Once the required humidity level is reached, your device will turn off without any hassle of manual jobs.

As a plus, due to the unit’s quiet operation, you don’t have to worry about the bubbling noise even on the high setting. Let’s make your home pleasant to soothe your senses and have a tight sleep!

The Vicks 1-Gallon Warm Mist Humidifier is already top-notch, but for the lack of low water indicator, it would receive a lot more positive comments.

Fortunately, it is not too big a deal because you can effortlessly see the water level through the transparent 1-gallon water tank. We love it a lot for its sturdiness.


  • ​ Able to cover medium and large rooms
  • ​ Fast without getting too hot
  • ​Comes with a medicine cup and Vicks VapoPads for added soothing menthol scent
  • ​Long runtime – up to 12 hours
  • ​Suitable for treating flu and cold
  • ​Able to run on quiet operation


  • ​The lack of low water indicator

​Editor's Rating:

​3.6 / 5

Perhaps some of you prefer  adding not only some essential moisture to your small house but also a soothing, visible warm mist. That’s when the Honeywell HWM705B Filter-Free Warm Moisture Humidifier comes in handy!

Operating for up to 24 hours per filling, this humidifier can combat the effects of dry, cold, harsh winter air. That way, you can enjoy the bacteria-free warm mist all day long.

However, instead of indicating when the humidity level is perfect, it works when the water is about to reach the minimum levels or drop below them.

Like other units on our list of the best warm mist humidifier, this model by Humidifier does not produce any beeping sounds when in operation.

Even if you are a light sleeper, you will not have to wear earplugs while letting it on all night.

Don’t expect any major issues with this unit by Honeywell! It is easy to fill and clean, cost-effective, and functions with excellent noise cancellation. All in all, this American brand has done a great job.

The only negative comment we have is that the 1-gallon water tank with a daily 2-gallon humidity output cannot humidify rooms larger than 250 square feet.

As a result, though being able to run up to 24 hours, this device cannot work well in large areas.

However, you can still have it humidified your room all night without having to wake up for refill duty.


  • ​Lightweight and compact design
  • ​​Budget-friendly price
  • ​Quiet operation
  • ​ Energy-efficient and cost-effective
  • ​ Easy to maintain
  • ​ Long runtime – up to 24 hours


  • ​Can cover small and medium rooms only (about 250 square feet)

​Editor's Rating:

​3.6 / 5

The 3rd option on our list is the LEVOIT LV600HH Humidifier - a feature-packed cool and warm mist ultrasonic humidifier which can run up to 36 hours.

Though this do-it-all device by LEVOIT is the most expensive one on our list, it is worth every single penny of your money.

The LEVOIT LV600HH Humidifier has the smart auto mode, making it more convenient and easier to utilize. You can control it from as far as 16 feet away to adjust the humidity level and keep it in the 40%-80%Rh range.

As a plus, this smart mode feature even can sense the mist inside your rooms and release just a sufficient amount to keep the area pure, clean, and fresh.

Besides these standard features like auto turn-off mode and actual humidity display, it has a 1.5-gallon water tank with a 500-ml hourly humidity output for more humidifying power.

With all of these specifications, this humidifier can handle a large room like an office, living room, and bedroom quickly.

As you have already known, no humidifiers are perfect, and this device by LEVOIT is not an exception. The only issue you will be facing here is the potential leakage if you accidentally add essential oil into its water tank.

While it can make your humidifier stop working, you need to pay more attention while using to avoid any unexpected event.


  • ​Come with a 2-year warranty
  • ​ Run faster than other devices only utilizing cool mist
  • ​Have huge-capacity tank
  • ​Have remote control mode
  • ​Have three different levels of air temperature
  • ​Comes with durable ABS plastic water tank


  • ​More expensive than other models on our list
  • ​Potential leakage

Which Is The Best Warm Mist Humidifier To Buy?

Knowing that it might be a little bit time-consuming and challenging to find out the best warm mist humidifier that works for you, we are here to help with our pick of 3 best.

Do you find our article useful? And which device will you choose? It all comes to your special requirements and the acreage of the space you want to utilize your device for.

Were we to select one, it would be the LEVOIT LV600HH Humidifier which provides strong humidifying power and a plethora of exceptional features. Go for it, and you will not have to worry about dry and flaking skin!

Do you have any other recommendations? Let us know more in the comment box below!