Best Whole House Humidifier 2020 – Reviews & Top Rated

Best Whole House Humidifier

There are a lot of adverse impacts on your body when the weather gets dry. Your skin can be dehydrated, and your lung may face the risk of catching dangerous flu virus.

So, it’s great if you own a humidifier device, especially a product that can cover  every edge of your house.

Do you wonder what are the best house humidifiers on the market in 2020?

To help your shopping  more convenient, we bring you a list of top three humidifiers that have received highest rated from the users.

Top 3 ​​Whole ​House ​Humidifiers in 2020





​​Prilaire 600M

​Editor's Rating:

​4.1 / 5

Many users said that they felt satisfied with the model’s advanced functions and affordable price. Although AIRCARE MA0800 comes with a cheap price, its operation still impresses the users a great deal.

Commonly, people run the device during their break; the noise comes out almost humidifier may annoy your rest time.

But for MA0800, you don’t need to worry about the noise thanks to the unit’s night-time mode, which provides quiet operation regardless of owning three-speed motors running simultaneously.

MA0800 comes with a smart humidistat control, which can automatically turn off itself when the moisture levels reach a suitable point. This feature can save up much money on your electrical bill.

It can also automatically shut off when the tank is empty, helping the system will not be overload as it has to run without water storage.

However, the tank is smaller in size than other products, you have a 2.5 gallon water to full fill the tank, then it can run up to only 36 hours continuously. So it’s mean you need to refill regularly,especially if you live in a dry area.

Be careful, MA0800 is designed to handle a maximum 2600 square feet area, which is equivalent to a regular size apartment.

Therefore, if you have a larger house, then we suggest that you should purchase two devices to make sure that it can cover the whole house. 


  • ​Compact design
  • ​A digital display feature
  • ​Three fan speeds motor


  • ​The tank capacity is quite small

If you live in a small apartment and want a modern humidifier but still affordable, the AIRCARE MA0800 will meet your requirements perfectly. 

​Editor's Rating:

​4.1 / 5

Another product which has a higher price than the MA08000 is made from the brand Aircare, this model. Thus, all the features in this product worths every cent of your money.

It can cover a larger area than the MA0800, which is about 3600 square feet. Otherwise, it has a 3/6 gallon storage tank, which is enough for this device to work continuously for 36 hours without refilling.

Thanks to the wheels installed, you can easily transport the Aircare MA1201 humidifier to any place you want.

The unique, as well as the most favorite feature of MA1201, is the digital humidistat, allowing you to adjust your desired humidity level with digital accuracy.

And of course, the auto shut off feature cannot be missed in an advanced product like MA1201. There’s no need to worry anymore if you forget to turn off the power.

For the cleaning process, the Aircare MA1201 humidifier owns a traps minerals of water inside. Now the cleaning task becomes easier as you just need to wash the inbuilt membrane.

The only drawback MA1201 is the loud sound during operation. However, if you don’t place it in your bedroom, everything is fine. 


  • ​Large area coverage
  • ​Automatic shut off
  • ​Easy to clean
  • ​Console-style humidifier
  • ​Moist control by the digital humidistat


  • ​It’s quite noisy

​AIRCARE MA1201 is a perfect product for people living in a normal-size house.

​Editor's Rating:

​4.3 / 5

Now we move to with the most powerful whole house humidifier in this list. Aprilaire 600M has an impressive power that can cover a large area up to 4000 square feet.

Unlike two humidifiers above, Aprilaire 600M doesn’t have a big water tank, but it connects directly to the water source in your house. Therefore, it can provide water vapor consistently.

As two seasons have a different level of dry weather, so the manufacturer has added in Aprilaire 600M the summer and winter setting to make this device suitable for each weather conditions.  

Unfortunately, the 600M only comes with the manually control, so it cannot automatically adjust the suitable humidity around.


  • ​Cover a big area
  • ​Maintain the humidity up to 45%
  • ​Use the water directly from the water source
  • ​Have Summer/Winter setting


  • ​Don’t have automatic adjusting moist level

​Come and buy this product now if you are the one who lives in a big apartment or even a big villa.

Things to consider when purchasing a whole house humidifier

Type of humidifier

Not every humidifier you see can cover your entire apartment. There are two types of this product in the market, which is steam and evaporative humidifier.

The steam humidifier  boils the water to produce steam, then releases it outside. In contrast, the evaporative ones use the disk or a wick to cool the water and then distribute the cool mist.

So what kind of humidifier work better for the whole house?

The suitable one you should focus on is the evaporative humidifier as it’s more potent than the steam one so it can cover a larger area.

The evaporative humidifier is safer than the steam one as it doesn’t release high temperature around.

The tank capacity

Before purchasing the whole house humidifier, please check whether it can supply enough moisture easily and quickly to your living area.

We suggest that you should buy a product that contains a 10-12 size of gallon water if you live in a big apartment.  It can work well in a home that is more than 1000 square feet, so remember to measure the size of your house to choose a suitable product

Installation and warranty

The installation of humidifier is more complicated than you think, especially when your device works with the AC system or connects to the drainage, which require professional installation. 

For that reason, it’s better to read the warranty policy of the product thoroughly as some device is not qualified to a warranty if you install it by yourself. 

Besides, the warranty is an essential factor; bringing your humidifier to maintain annually can raise its life expectancy. So how should you move it to maintain? It’s great if you can have the service at least once a year.

Automatic moist adjusting feature

This is a fantastic bonus feature that helps you a lot in control the appropriate amount of moist released.

Instead of adjusting manually, the device can automatically produce the suitable water vapors depend on the characteristic of weather around. 

Wrapping Up

We have provided you all the necessary information about the best whole house humidifier and a detailed buying guide. Hope you can find a suitable device for your family

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