5 Best Wifi Extenders Reviews 2020 – Top Rated

Wondering if you would ever need to buy one of the best WiFi extenders 2020? Why would anybody buy one if there are sophisticated mesh networks to connect multiple users? Surely, there are many circumstances where people are in need of cheaper, reliable and more customized solution to get connected to the internet via a single router or modem installed in one large building.

In many cases, a huge sized office building with a single internet connection or large-sized homes with many people connecting to the single connection may struggle to deal with the network signals as these cannot be distributed equally across the building and are hindered by walls and other objects. Using one of the best WiFi extenders can help reduce signal loss and extends the signal strength by connecting to the base modem and spreading the signal to a farther extent.

These are compact, cheap, well-structured gadgets that help extend signals to a wider extent.

To ensure you find the best WiFi extender in no time at best price, we have shortlisted best five here:

#1 ​NETGEAR  X4 AC2200 Nighthawk WiFi Range Extender (EX7300)

NETGEAR knows what their customers need and how they need to fulfill the WiFi extension requirements without increasing the number of networking wires within a house or a building. There is a range of WiFi extenders provided by the company and this NightHawk Range extender EX7300 is one out of many best options.

It works perfectly to speed up and extend the WiFi signal throughout the area to streamline your iPhone, Samsung phones, iPad, and Macbook. So now if you have many people in your house who need to connect to the internet without any disturbance, this one could help for sure.

It is a compact well-adjusted extender to let you enjoy the freedom of using the WiFi at its best everywhere at home. The coverage is also not less than any other high-tech WiFi extender as it ranges the signals for up to 10,000 ft square which is enough for a home or a small to medium ranged building. You will also never feel disappointed with its speed which reaches 2200Mbps providing the best experience you may ever need.

Sometimes you may have to experiences lower signal intensity if you don’t have the right extender but with this Nighthawk you get the high-strength amplifying features and an internal antenna that ensures you will get a full range solution to extend your WiFi signals throughout the place within the specified range.

This extender works using a dual mode that includes working as a new AC WiFi access point and an extender of the existing signals as well.

The extender works fine with a range of devices that run on WiFi network as well as with wired devices like TVs and gaming consoles and other gadgets to provide High definition performance. The signals are streamlines without any interruption with the Mu-MIMO so that you get a frustration-free network.

#​2 TP-Link Dual Band AC1200 WiFi Range Extender

Tp-Link WiFi devices are not unknown and they are well-recognized as some of the best options for those who are looking for reliable and trustworthy performance with no issues in them.

This dual-band WiFi range extender is perfect for the various devices that are in need of non-interruptive signal streamlining including the smartphones, iPad and play station at home as well as smart plugs and smart bulbs to connect with.

This WiFi range extender works fine as the new access point and supports the AP mode where you may also use the Ethernet port for the safe connection to wired devices at home

The device is compatible with any router and its AC1200 features ensure high definition streaming and perfect uninterrupted gaming fun. Most people struggle with finding the right place for installing the extender, for this reason, the TP-Link extender comes with the signal indicator so that you can plug it at the places where it can capture and extend the signal promptly.

It comes with a 2-year warranty and offers easy setup and assistance through the App. You may also expect to get support and help 24/7.


  • check
    ​Very easy to set it up anywhere
  • check
    ​Universal compatibility
  • check
    ​Comes with signal strength indicator lights
  • check
    ​Comes with dual mode feature


  • ​The device may get somewhat hot sometimes

​#3 NETGEAR AC750 WiFi Range Extender

This dual antenna WiFi extender from NETGEAR offers range extension for keeping the signals strong and streamlined within a broad range. For those who are looking for high-end performance, this is perfect to install for mobile devices including iPhones and tabs.

Though the technological devices have changed a lot and they might need a range of options to connect with, this WiFi extender helps and support the 802.11 AC & B/G/N devices that run of WiFi signals.

The dual-band extender offers WiFi at 750 Mbps and comes with the protected connection access to keep the connection, secure, streamlines and uninterrupted for a range of devices.

This WiFi extender outperforms others in many ways as it comes with high-strength antennas for increased signal strength and power. In addition to that, the access point feature offers a hotspot creation through the Ethernet port for better and more consistent performance.

It works fine with nearly all types of routers and the Fast Lane tech ensures both bands for a high speed and reliable connectivity for gaming and high definition streaming.


  • check
    ​Reliable and fast connectivity for a range of devices
  • check
    ​Works with any kind of router setup
  • check
    ​Dual band range extender
  • check
    ​High-strength signal range


  • ​Insufficient and unclear setup instructions

​#4 Linksys AC1200 MAX Wi-Fi Gigabit Range Extender

Linksys Gigabit range extender is another name of quality when it comes to extending the range of WiFi at home or in your office.

This one offers the cross band tech that includes the dual-band WiFi ensuring it will be extended and maximized for increased strength of the signals. The process works with two bands where one of the band receives the info and the other band extends it to its maximum range.

This process ensures data safety and secure transfer without losing its strength, speed and data packets are transferred without any interruption.

This process allows more consistent and reliable signals throughout the desired place.

This WiFi extender offers Gigabit ports and supports audio jack as well for easier connection to the sound or stereo systems as well. The increasing needs of WiFi connectivity using the various multimedia devices, laptop or phones, can be fulfilled by using this WiFi extender.

The WiFi protected setup offers an encrypted system for easier and better-streamlined connection with the router or AP to make sure you have a safe network within the house.


  • check
    ​Offers N 300MPS and AC867
  • check
    ​Works with dual bands 2.4 and 5GHz
  • check
    ​Ethernet Cable included
  • check
    ​Features an audio jack for the stereo system


  • ​Signal strength may be compromised in some cases

​#5 D-Link Wireless AC1200 Wi-Fi Dual Band Range Extender

The main thing that most users are looking for is the strength of the signals that are extended, customized connectivity using a range of options and easy installation of the WiFi extender. This wireless range extender by D link offers a dual-band range extensions setup that created a strong signaling access point to connect with any of the devices.

It also comes with the ROM chips for better performance and more flexible options for connecting the range of devices. For your convenience, it offers 4 Ethernet Gigabit ports that help to connect 4 wired devices and the AC 1200 wireless connection offers consistent wireless device connectivity.

The push button operation assure easier and quicker connectivity to the wireless network in a safe way so that you may not have to face hassles. It also offers secure encryption for security and network protection. The device works fine with a range of routers and WiFi devices without getting messed up with the settings.


  • check
    ​Very easy to set up
  • check
    ​Connects with a range of devices
  • check
    ​Offers high-end signals and consistent streaming


  • ​Not much reliable and may start showing issues after consistent use


Finding the best Wifi Extender 2020 is no doubt a true need for every home and office. But the fact is that you have to make sure the extender comes with enough connectivity options and a secure connection to offer encrypted data transfer without any delay. 

We have listed out top five picks here to ease out your way and find the best option suitable for your home or office setup. Hopefully, you will be able to get enough information to support your decision and get what you need in your WiFi extender.