Kohler K 560 VS Bellera Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet Review

When I asked why she told me her current faucet just didn’t offer enough in the way of features, and well, it had sprung a leak that just refused to be fixed. So, knowing that my friend liked to have appliances that include as many “bells and whistles” as possible, and she also likes the finer things in life, the Kohler K 560 VS Bellera model was the first faucet I thought of.

Kohler K 560 VS Bellera Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

First Key Feature

Limited Lifetime Warranty with high-quality solid Metal: It comes with a life-time limited warranty after purchase to installation at the customer’s place, therefore the customer does not have to worry at all about a guarantee if it fails or breaks down as it is also not susceptible to damage.

Second Key Feature

360 Degree Swivel rotation option: This faucet boasts of a 360 degree swivel rotation faucet that enables its spout to turn clockwise or anti-clockwise to any direction where it can provide the water effectively.

Third Key Feature

Three function Spray-head, with spray, aerated flow and pause function: This enables the user to be able to select whichever function of the water that he/she likes. It is also equipped with a switch that can enable the user to turn it from regular to the spray function or where the water is supplied under pressure. It also has a button for temporarily turning off the water.


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  • Lifetime guarantee: It comes with a lifetime guarantee that assures the users of using it without any worries of damage or breakdown from purchase or installation.
  • Stainless steel/ full metallic body construction: This enables it to be very firm in holding the water, especially under any kind of pressure that can be exalted on it.
  • 360 degrees rotatable function: This enables the faucet to be able to rotate in any direction, hence enabling the user to use the water anywhere around the sink.
  • Equipped switch for regulation and control of water pressure and temperature: It comes with a switch that enables a user to turn from regular flowing water to water under pressure depending on whatever option that he/she wants. It is very effective in use for all circumstances.
  • Magnetic docking system that enables it to be held firmly and in a stable position: The faucet will be very firm and cannot sag the spray-heads at all. It becomes now a thing of the past.


Customer Reviews and Scores

The Kohler K 560 VS Bellera Kitchen faucet boasts of high customer reviews as well as ratings due to its good performance and design. According to a customer review by D. Scott, is beautiful and is also equipped with a gorgeous polished chrome, as well as an elegant shape of the neck which resembles a swan! It has a hose long enough to reach all the parts of the sink, and even to fill a bucket around the sink. The hose also retracts easily and quickly, with the nozzle going back to the faucet also very easily and quickly. She gives it a rating of five stars.

Based on Morris. G’s review, Kohler K 560 VS is very easy to install and is also filled with features. However it does not contain a clear documentation, and therefore it is quite difficult to install and fix on your own. The documentation only provides partly data. He gives it a rating of 2 out of 5 stars.

The Kohler kitchen faucet boasts of a classy design with beautiful compliments of granite and marble. It can also be very easily turned off and on, go from hot to cold just by the flick of a finger. It also contains a sprayer that can easily fit the hand and has very smooth controls. It is also a kitchen delight, according to a review by Uncle Sennie. He gives it a rating of 5 stars.

The best overall kitchen faucet has awesome features such as swiveling, ease of use to turn and get either an option of hot or cold water, 3 hole and single hold installations, great look and also easy to clean. It is also shipped in its own box and can therefore come wrapped with a free gift.


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  • The Kohler K 560 VS Bellera Pull Down Kitchen Faucet Review may be quite difficult to install on one’s own as it does not contain a very clear and detailed documentation on how it is meant to be set up.
  • It may break down or get damaged when water is supplied under very great pressure continuously for a very long time.
  • The quality control on the fastener is poor as it does not have enough grip on the screws as required. Tightening the nuts is quite a hectic job.



Kohler K 560 VS  is one of the best household equipments designed for house hold use in the provision of water for domestic use as reviewed and rated by the numerous number of customers. It also has very nice performance and authentic design which makes it very cost-effective and of value for its money. It is the best recommendation for anyone looking for a great kitchen faucet as it has a lifetime limited warranty as well as a stainless steel construction together with other beautiful features that make it the best for its price.

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